Padres Use Six Finger Discount To Sign Perez


Birthday boy and Scranton Yankees beat writer Chad Jennings reports that the San Diego Padres have signed former Thunder relief pitcher Oneli Perez to a contract.

Looks like it is about time you got out your checkbook and did some online sports betting.

And with that, the other 29 teams in Major League Baseball continue to systematically dismantle last year’s Trenton Thunder squad.

As for Perez, he was briefly on the Yankees 40-man roster after being acquired off of waivers from the Indians, but was designated for assignment, cleared waivers, and finished the season with the Thunder and Scranton.

He got off to a horrendous start with the Thunder, posting a 12.60 ERA in his first four games, but he eventually straightened himself out and was especially impressive during a late season spot start in which he struck out nine batters in just four innings.

Perez, who thankfully has enough fingers for the rings he earned with both Trenton and Scranton, only appeared in the postseason for the latter squad, going 1-1 with a 5.40 ERA in three appearances.

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4 Responses to “Padres Use Six Finger Discount To Sign Perez”

  1. yanksince57-was this 1959 or is it 1965? Says:

    only 17 RHP left for the minor bullpens lol

  2. mbn007 Says:

    Boy, are the Padres grabbing every relief pitcher in the Yankees system, or what!!

  3. Charles Cody Says:

    My question is, can someone (myself) buy eastern league baseballs just like the ones they use for the Thunder games? I have a 2 year old son and wanted to start getting him some signed balls and would like to have the thunder guys sign thunder balls. If anyone can let me know please do.

  4. SP Says:

    Hi. I think it’s great that you’re introducing your son to the game and the hobby. 🙂

    I’m pretty sure you can buy Eastern League baseballs in the Thunder gift shop, but, to be honest, I have been disappointed when using these balls for autographs in the past. The leather used in these balls is not the same as what they use for official major league baseballs…it’s either a different grade of leather, or it has different oils in it.

    Anyway, on 3 of the 4 signed eastern league balls I have, the ink has either bled or faded.

    Here’s a picture of a team signed eastern league ball I have from 2004:

    For this reason, I typically use rawlings official major league baseballs, even for Trenton Thunder autographs…simply because they preserve the autographs much better. If you have a decent camera (digital or otherwise), it’s also fun to take pictures of the guys and get them signed at a later game.

    If you’re looking for some Thunder stuff to get signed, there are often some promotions that are really good for autographs. For example, one night, they give out a team card set, which always works well for autographs. I’ve also gotten autographs on the bats they give away. You can also buy a lot of this stuff in the gift shop.

    Hope this helps

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