New Sports Team On The Way In Trenton


Trenton Thunder related?  No.  Related to any of my other beats?  No.

But it is likely worth pointing out here, as you’re likely reading the great work of Chad Jennings and Pete Abraham at this time of the year anyway, that Trenton will have a new sports team starting in 2010.

The New Jersey Kings will start play in March of 2010 as a member of the AIFA, and will play at Sovereign Bank Arena, just a handful of blocks away from Waterfront Park.

I spoke to team owner Kelly Lockwood yesterday over the phone, and the former supplement industry entrepreneur spoke of how he lives 10 minutes away from Giants Stadium and how expensive it can be to take a family out to see a football game.

Lockwood promises the Kings will be a fun, affordable alternative in the area, with the American Indoor Football Association club’s most expensive ticket going for under $350 for seven home games, and the least expensive costing just over $70.

“When you have a minor league team, you want to make sure costs are kept under control so you can keep prices cheap for the average consumer,” Lockwood said.

With the average price set at $17-18, according to Lockwood, it sounds like a good deal as long as the level of play is good.  And with the Arena Football League on what appears to be an indefinite hiatus, it seems that may very well be the case.

“A lot of those AFL players aren’t playing right now, so the AIFA has already started bringing in a lot of those ex-AFL players into the fold,” Lockwood said.

In any event, this is Trenton related, and I see a lot of the same people at Trenton Devils games as I do at the Thunder…so I thought this might be a good heads up for them as well.  I am also tentatively planning on covering the team in 2010, so I’m looking forward to it…

You may all now return to your regularly scheduled Thunder and Yankees programming…

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3 Responses to “New Sports Team On The Way In Trenton”

  1. BitterBeerFace Says:

    Wonder if they will honor old Trenton Lightning Tickets…..or just take the money and run….I mean this is Trenton….stealing from the masses is a Capitol Hobby….or is that supposed to be offense.

    Bitter memories aside, good luck to the new franchise.

  2. JB Says:

    The owner of the Lightning actually did steal money. Three years after the team folded, he was convicted stealing $360K from an elderly client of his financial advising practice and got a long prison sentence.

  3. Tom Hill Says:

    From what I’ve heard, and seen (their website) this certainly looks like a big time operation. They look head and shoulders above the rest of the league. I already sent my request in for season tickets, FINALLY something new to do in Trenton!

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