Please Don’t Stop, Joe Muich


That play on words of Rihanna’s “Please Don’t Stop The Music” doesn’t entirely work anymore.  Joe Muich got stopped.  Well, released, really.

Chad Jennings is reporting that Muich is one of six Yankees to be released, joining Braedyn Pruitt, Nick Montgomery and Clint Preisendorfer as the known names.

Muich spent three seasons in the Yankees organization, and was with the Thunder for all of last season.  A good guy in the community and the clubhouse, Muich earned a championship ring by playing in 45 games and hitting .218 with no home runs and 10 RBI.

Chad’s also got the updated Double-A work group, which has seen a few additions.

And yes, I saw that another one of my Jose Tabata photos ended up on Deadspin.  Kind of weird having my work associated with such a wacky story… 

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One Response to “Please Don’t Stop, Joe Muich”

  1. Rob Abruzzese Says:

    I knew Pruitt was going to get released. I was hoping he wouldn’t because he is a very nice guy. It’s not a good sign when you repeat SS and then do terribly.

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