JJ On The Way Back?

Chad Jennings, who has been doing an excellent job down in Tampa, reports that rumors have been flying around that the Minnesota Twins have offered former Thunder standout Jason Jones back to the Yankees.

Jennings asked Yankees GM Brian Cashman about this, and all Cashman would offer is: “I wouldn’t comment at this stage.”

According to this just published article on the Twins bullpen situation in the Minneapolis Star Tribune — an article that points out Sean Henn got cut, by the way — Jones is still in camp.

Were Jones to be offered back to the Yankees, I’m not sure they’d take him back, and I’m not sure he’d want to come back.  Both the Trenton and Scranton rotations are overflowing with candidates, and both the Yankees and Jones know he’d just be buried behind many of them again.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


2 Responses to “JJ On The Way Back?”

  1. Rob Abruzzese Says:

    If he did come back, what would his situation be? I guess it would have to be bullpen. Could he crack Scranton’s roster though? or is he back in Trenton?

  2. Erik Says:

    Guess we didn’t want him back that bad. I don’t know much about Charles Nolte, but I liked JJ – I hope he finds his way back here eventually.

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