Game 1: Post-Game Thunder Thoughts

– Ick.  Seems the Thunder are always good for some disappointment on Opening Day, having lost their last five.  Maybe that’s a good thing, though.  In the seven seasons this franchise has made the playoffs, they’ve only won on Opening Day during those playoff seasons twice, in 1996 and 1999.

– Franchise history aside, that wasn’t a very good performance by the team as a whole.  The offense vanished after that fourth inning outburst, and the bullpen was pretty dreadful.  One of the big questions I had about this team is where the offense was going to come from.  Every Thunder batter except for Francisco Cervelli had exactly one hit, but managed only two extra-base hits and left eight men on base. 

– Eric Hacker looked good, but not as good as I’ve seen him.  Considering it’s Opening Day, I think that’s to be expected.  Mike Dunn was the best of the bunch in the bullpen, racking up five of his six outs via the K, but he had a shaky ninth inning.

– I had said before the game, but didn’t think to write, that I’ve got this team pegged for about five or ten games over .500.  Little was done tonight to change my mind.  But then again, four straight Opening Day losses have led to four straight playoff berths.  Only time will tell what the fifth consecutive loss will lead to…

– Dunn said all his strikeouts came from either fastballs or sliders, and figured that either one or two were off of sliders.

– Talked to pitching coach Tommy Phelps after the game, and he said the bullpen mound and game mound are pretty much the same.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

3 Responses to “Game 1: Post-Game Thunder Thoughts”

  1. mlb1996 Says:

    Excellent stuff, Mike. You and Jennings are topnotch.

  2. Rikers Says:

    mlb you forgot about Pete

  3. boreifs Says:

    If I was a betting man, Mike, I would put my house on the “over” of 10 games above .500. There is a ton of pitching still in rehab that will dramatically strengthen the Trenton staff and the position players have almost all had previous experience in AA.

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