EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Phelps Talks About Horne

Phelps quotes:

“He pitches on the 2nd in New Britain.”

“He’s going to start every fifth day, build strength up.  I think he’s only eight, nine months (off of surgery), which is pretty quick.  He’s been pitching the ball well down there, it’s just a matter of him getting back in the swing of things and then it’s Mark Newman and all them’s call.”

“His pitch count is going to be the same as everybody else’s, and he’ll work his way up.  I think the last game, he threw six innings, seventy-some pitches or something like that.  He’ll be on the normal routine.  So I haven’t heard anything different.”

“I saw him pitch down in spring training.  I think he was just starting to get into games, mostly BP’s and stuff getting ready for games.  He was throwing the ball well.  His arm was working well.  But there’s going to be times, especially when you’re rehabbing, there’s going to be some highs and some valleys.  You work through those with your arm strength and whatnot.  He’ll have those moments this year and maybe next year.  But I think they did a little cleanup, and he’s going to be fine.”

“I definitely will watch when he starts to labor or get tired.  Some other guys, you might try to work them through that stage.  But for him, we’ll take care of his arm.  Our number one concern for all our pitchers is their health.  And then from there, it’s them winning and them competing.  But their number one thing is their health.”

Mike Ashmore, mashm0re98 AT gmail.com

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