Game 17: Post-Game Notes

– Zach McAllister was ineffective and inefficient.  Yankees fans can breathe a sigh of relief, though…because that was it.  McAllister was uninjured, despite being pulled after just four innings of work.

“I wasn’t very good,” said McAllister, who allowed three runs (two earned) five hits and four walks while striking out five.

“I fell behind a lot of hitters and kind of struggled with getting my command when I needed to.”

– The bullpen was outstanding in relief of the Thunder’s best prospect, with Wilkins Arias and Josh Schmidt (nice to see him get off the side of the milk carton) combining for five innings of two-hit, scoreless relief.

Arias allowed just one hit and one walk while striking out two in three innings, while Schmidt and his low 80’s “chedd” tallied four K’s and only one hit allowed through the final two frames.

“We’ve got some new people down there, but you look at what Arias did tonight, that was pretty good,” said Thunder manager Tony Franklin.

“If we keep getting performances like that out of our bullpen, we’ll be OK.”

As for Schmidt, he’s one of the best guys to talk on the team, and someone who…and it’s not necessarily my job to tell you who to be a fan of…but someone who you can’t help but root for.  Great guy off the field, and someone who you know doesn’t exactly wow the scouts with how hard he throws…but if you look at the numbers, they’re definitely in his favor.

I’ll take the guy who throws 82-83 and can locate over the guy who throws in the low 90’s and couldn’t find the strike zone on Mapquest any day of the week.

– For as relatively uninteresting and lengthy as the game was, it did have a very exciting ending.  With two outs and James Cooper on second, Kevin Smith lined a ball up the middle for a hit.  Tony Franklin sent Cooper around third, but the center fielder’s throw — while low — was accurate and beat Cooper to the plate.  He tried to bowl over catcher Jackson Williams and knock the ball out, but Williams held on and the game was over.

“That was a tough way to end it,” said Franklin, who was honored with a bobblehead giveaway tonight.

“I was surprised that the outfielder was as close as he was.  But they play a pretty shallow center field and Mooney came up and made a good play and made a heck of a throw.  And the catcher made a great play to hold on to the ball, I though he got hit pretty good.”

– Christian Garcia will be one of two pitchers facing Alex Rodriguez in an extended spring game tomorrow…assumably, he will be sent to Trenton once he’s ready to play.

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3 Responses to “Game 17: Post-Game Notes”

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  2. Peter Lacock Says:

    Wish he woulda dropped it but nice job by Jackson Williams. I love C’s.

  3. mbn007 Says:

    I like Schmidt. Looking at his career since he was drafted, he had a super rookie season as the closer in Staten Island, and some good seasons after that, although he never seemed to be in an important role after that 1st year. Yet, his numbers are solid, and his K totals are fine, in spite of his not throwing hard.

    Maybe he is viewed as a “trick” pitch pitcher, and not as a solid prospect?

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