Game 17: Pre-Game Notes

5:30 PM — Tony Franklin confirmed that Alan Horne is on his way…he’s just not on the roster yet.  No word on who will fill the 24th roster spot just yet…

4:15 PM — Lineups!


Brock Bond, 2B
Brad Boyer, 3B
Eddy Martinez-Esteve, DH
Bobby Felmy, LF
Mike Mooney, CF
Andrew D’Allesio, 1B
Tyler LaTorre, C
Sharlon Schoop, SS
Antoan Richardson, RF


Eduardo Nunez, SS
Reegie Corona, 2B
Colin Curtis, CF
Jorge Vazquez, DH
Marcos Vechionacci, 3B
James Cooper, RF
Kyle Anson, C
Kevin Smith, 1B
Justin Snyder, LF

Notice that Seth Fortenberry and his sub-.100 average will be taking a seat, as will Francisco Cervelli.

4:10 PM — Hey, legitimate news! Seldom-used catcher Jose Gil has been called up to Scranton, which leaves the Thunder with 22 players. Teams can carry as many as 24 players, so they’re clearly making room for a starting pitcher and perhaps an outfielder. And who knows who’s heading up to Scranton out of here.

3:40 PM — Nothing yet, but stay tuned…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

2 Responses to “Game 17: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. Jay Ballz Says:

    Yay, bobble heads!!

  2. dasuban1138 Says:

    Alan horne just walked in the stadium

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