Game 35: Pre-Game Notes (Garcia Starting Tomorrow, Hovis To Tampa)

6:05 PM — Some quotes…

RYAN POPE: “I don’t know, I just do what they tell me. I wish I could tell you, but I have no idea what the heck is going on. The arm’s fine, I’m healthy as can be.”

“Nothing changes during the week, you still prepare like you’re going to pitch. It’s not like I’m going to prepare any different. I still feel as good as I did last week.”

“As long as I pitch, I don’t care what I do. I’m not going to be a guy who cares whether they start or relieve, I just want to pitch.”

TONY FRANKLIN: “(Garcia’s) had a few injuries, but hopefully he’s healthy and sound and ready to go.”

“I think they’d stretched him out, but 80 pitches, that’s a lot of pitches. We’ll see if he can make them in short order.”

“Unfortunately, (Pope’s) been pushed back. Someone had to, and unfortunately it was Popey. We’re going to try to keep him on track and keep him going. It isn’t easy to skip them, because they all want to be out there every five days.”

“(Horne) threw on the side today. He’s experiencing no ill effects. He’s fine, he’s doing OK. We’re being cautious with him, and I think we should be. He’s coming off some arm surgery, and you don’t want to rush him back.”

5:45 PM — Geez, lots of stuff going on…Jonathan Hovis was sent to Tampa to make room for Garcia. According to Nardi Contreras, Garcia can go about 80 pitches.

Ryan Pope is not listed on the posted rotation and told me he has no idea what’s going on, and that he’ll do what they tell him to do. He said he’s fine, physically.

Alan Horne and Amaury Sanit are both close to being activated…apparently, a move will be made tomorrow to accomodate one of them.

Quotes in a bit. Also, I’ll have 10-minute chat with Contreras posted sometime soon.

3:55 PM — Christian Garcia is here and will be starting tomorrow…just briefly spoke to him by the dugout. Also, Nardi Contreras is here. Stay tuned…

3:40 PM — Ryan Pope hasn’t pitched since that gem at home on the 13th. This would already be six days rest…what’s the deal with Pope and his rest this year?

3:35 PM — And, for the record, the “don’t worry, it’ll get fixed” window in the press box remains spiderwebbed.

3:20 PM — There’s some buzz in the comments as to why Ryan Pope isn’t starting or listed in the upcoming rotation. All good questions, people. No idea as to why as of yet. But I’ll find out when I get in the clubhouse at 5:15.

Also, Hector Rondon (woo-hoo!) is set to pitch for Akron Wednesday…Josh Tomlin’s going today and Jeanmar Gomez on Thursday.

Wilkin De La Rosa pitching for the Thunder today.

In the meantime, here are the lineups…


Jose Constanza, CF
Carlos Rivero, SS
Beau Mills, 1B
Carlos Santana featuring Rob Thomas, C
Jared Goedert, 3B
Nick Weglarz, LF
Matt McBride, DH
Jerad Head, RF
Niuman Romero, 2B


Eduardo Nunez, SS
Seth Fortenberry, CF
Colin Curtis, LF
Jorge Vazquez, 1B
Marcos Vechionacci, 3B
Edwar Gonzalez, RF
Kevin Smith, DH
Kyle Anson, C
Justin Snyder, 2B

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


7 Responses to “Game 35: Pre-Game Notes (Garcia Starting Tomorrow, Hovis To Tampa)”

  1. kinglear Says:

    Thanks for the great news about Garcia!

  2. nyyfaninlaaland Says:

    And I’m probably too late, but could you ask about Jairo Heredia? Not that they’ll likely say much.

  3. thunderbaseball Says:

    I asked him if there was anyone outside of Gardner, Sanchez and Smith that he knew anything about…he mentioned Garrett Patterson and Sergio Mitre, but that was about it.

    I’m going to try to talk to him again before the series is over, so I’ll ask if I can remember.

    • nyyfaninlaaland Says:

      Thanks for the info Mike.

      Looking forward to your post on the conversation. Understand they don’t readily volunteer details.

  4. May 19: Postgame notes - Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees Blog - Says:

    […] Chris Garcia will be activated to the Trenton rotation tomorrow. Posted May 19 2009, 07:34 PM by cjennings Filed under: Transactions, J.B. Cox, Chris Garcia, Reegie Corona, Ian Kennedy, Eric Duncan, Edwar Ramirez, Brian Bruney […]

  5. Scranton’s offensive struggles continue | River Avenue Blues Says:

    […] Mike Ashmore says Chris Garcia will start for Double-A Trenton tomorrow with an 80-pitch or so limit. I’m setting the over/under on the number of starts he makes before coming down with another injury at 6.5. […]

  6. mbn007 Says:

    So there really is a Chris Garcia. Wonder what the move will be (roster move) now with Edwar coming to Scranton. I would expect someone to come down here to Trenton.

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