Tommy Phelps On: Mike Dunn

phelpsttYou may remember my 2008 series with pitching coach Scott Aldred, in which we sat down and talked at length about each of the pitchers on the staff at the time.

Well, that series is back this year, but with a new pitching coach, of course.

Former big league pitcher Tommy Phelps joined the Thunder coaching staff this year after Aldred was promoted to Scranton, and we recently sat down and talked about every pitcher who was on the pitching staff as of a few days ago.

In the fourth of a 13-part series, southpaw reliever Mike Dunn is the subject.  Added to the 40-man roster this off-season, the outfielder turned fireballer, joined the Thunder late last season and appeared in the last regular season game of the year.  He’d stick around and pitch effectively in the postseason to help Trenton win their second consecutive Eastern League Championship.

Here’s what Phelps had to say about Dunn:

dunntt“Another power, left-handed arm.  He’s got a really good slider and a really good changeup, too.  Them having him as a starter has prepared him well to be long relief or a lefty-lefty situational guy, because he’s got three pitches he can use to both hitters.  He goes out there and he attacks hitters, he’s not afraid.  I think he had one game where he had a few walks, but other than that, he goes right after them.  He’s real aggressive.”

I asked Phelps about Dunn’s consistency issues as of late, considering the hot start he got off to:

“Shoot, you make a lot of pitches during the game, you’re going to get home runs hit off of you.  Consistency…we play a lot of games over the year, and the percentage of times in this game you fail, you fail a lot of times.  So you’re going to have outings where you’re not good.  But then you’re going to have five or ten where you’re real good, and then a bunch of average ones.  It’s just part of the game.”

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2 Responses to “Tommy Phelps On: Mike Dunn”

  1. mbn007 Says:

    I wonder if he gets a look, like Coke did last year. Probably not until 2010 though.

  2. Get To Know Mike Dunn « Zell's Pinstripe Blog Says:

    […] Phelps, Trenton Thunder pitching coach had this to say about him earlier this year: Another power, left-handed arm.  He’s got a really good slider and a really good changeup, […]

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