Game 46: Post-Game Quotes, More Notes

– Spoke to Tony Franklin, Justin Snyder and Alan Horne after the game.  Would be funny if I just ended that sentence there and left you guessing at what they said, right?  Oh?  Not so much?  Well, here are some quotes for you then…


“I was starting to wonder.  We didn’t look like we wanted to win the game for eight innings, and then all of a sudden we start doing something in the eighth inning.  It wasn’t a very good performance other than (Christian) Garcia’s pitching, I thought he did pretty good.  But we didn’t swing the bats very well to give him some support until late in the ballgame.  What a way to win it.”

“(Snyder) can surprise you from time to time with that power.  He did it in New Britain, he hit a home run like that.  When he hits them, he hits them really well.  I didn’t expect that kind of ball from him.  I can see maybe to straightaway right field, but in the gap and above the scoreboard, that’s pretty impressive right there.”

“(Hall had a) big hit.  He’s an experienced hitter who’s been in these situations a number of times in his career, and this is what we got him for.  So far, he’s worked out really well for our lineup.”


“Fastball.  I was just looking for a pitch.  I wasn’t even thinking home run, because I’m not the stereotypical home run hitter.  I was just trying to maybe put it in the gap and have Coop score from first, just do it that way.  But I got it up, got enough of it.”

“I wasn’t too sure, I thought I got enough of it to put it out, but it’s a big yard and there’s not many balls that leave this park, especially to right field.  Out of the box, I was thinking two, but it went out.”



“I thought it was fine.  Maybe I could have been a little more aggressive. I picked a little bit, which is probably more just seeing hitters again for the first time.  I warmed up great.  The bullpen going into was awesome.  I started, and I tried to make some my fastballs too good of a pitch.  I’ve got so much movement and was running the balls down off the plate.  But for the most part, it wasn’t bad.  It’s just frustrating throwing these and not knowing when I’m going to get to pitch.”


– After last night’s mind-numbingly long and horrendous contest lengthy game, it was nice to see this one completed in a sporty 2:36.  Nice, big crowd tonight (7,440), walk-off home run, fireworks…it was a nice night to be at Waterfront Park.

– For those of you had Eduardo Nunez’s right thumb in your “which thumb did Eduardo Nunez injure?” office pools, congratulations.  No real update on him after the game, to be honest.  I did ask, but there is either nothing known or no information that they’re willing to tell me.  My particular favorite, and this had been mentioned by someone else as well, was today’s press release…if you read it, you’d assume that Nunez was sent to Staten Island for no reason and replaced by Carlos Mendoza.  It was as if nothing had happened to Nunez at all.  “Upper digit injury?”

– Tonight’s game was the 132nd Trenton Thunder game I’ve covered…putting me only 200 behind my Somerset Patriots total.  And that’s your useless Ashmore fact of the evening.

3 Responses to “Game 46: Post-Game Quotes, More Notes”

  1. thunderfangabe Says:

    in 8 games since hall joined the team, they have 90 hits. i wonder if they have anything close to that over any other 8 game stretch this season.

  2. thunderbaseball Says:

    I strongly, strongly doubt it. Would imagine the aforementioned Mr. Hall sees some time in the outfield tomorrow as well.

  3. Art Vandalay Says:

    The Somerset Patriots,
    Is that some beer league softball team that Artie Lange plays for?

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