Game 46: Pre-Game Notes (Nunez To S.I., Mendoza Active)

5:40 PM — Got here around 1:50 for Alan Horne’s simulated game.  Wasn’t very promising at all.  He threw 38 pitches to Seth Fortenberry and Carlos Mendoza; 16 for strikes and 22 balls.  He walked three of the nine batters he faced, and struck out two.  He ended the game on a dirty offspeed swinging strikeout to Fortenberry.  He got behind seven of the nine batters he faced.

Also, and perhaps more importantly, Eduardo Nunez has been transferred to Staten Island and Carlos Mendoza has been activated.  Tony Franklin called the injury a strain or a sprain, but that’s about as specific as you’re going to get.

I’d love to have quotes for you, but the clubhouse was closed early thanks to a team meeting at 5:45, and nobody was really in there when we were allowed in at 5:30.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

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    […] Jon Ortiz, struggling big time as High-A Tampa’s closer, has been demoted to Low-A Charleston. Alan Horne threw a simulated game today, and it went horribly. […]

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