POLL: Should The Yankees Promote Jesus Montero To Double-A?

There’s some pretty heated debate over at River Ave. Blues regarding whether the Yankees should move 19-year-old Jesus Montero up to Trenton so he can catch every day.

Montero, as you may know, is rated as the Yankees second best prospect by Baseball AmericaHe got to play in the Futures Game at Yankee Stadium last season, and is hitting .341 with seven home runs and 34 RBI in Single-A Tampa, where he’s splitting time with fellow top prospect Austin Romine.

Well, what do you think?  And tell me why you voted the way you did in the comments…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com

11 Responses to “POLL: Should The Yankees Promote Jesus Montero To Double-A?”

  1. dcn29 Says:

    I voted no, and I did so because the poll is pretty vague. I don’t think he should be promoted yet, but I don think he should be promoted sometime this season. One more month of hitting well in Tampa and he’s got the AA job. Last year in Charleston he started out hot, hit a slump where pitchers adjusted to him, and he came out even better later in the year. He hasn’t hit a wall in Tampa yet. If it doesn’t happen in the next 30 days, then promote him. If it does, then wait till he learns from the slump AND THEN promote him.

  2. Doug Says:

    I think Jesus should be left in Tampa for at least half the year. As a young kid, 19, you want him to maintain his confidence and not be pushed too hard too early. If at the all star break he is still dominating down in Tampa then give him a shot up at double a and see what he can do. Not only will this allow us to see if Montero can handle it and allow Romine to play everyday in Tampa.

  3. ROB Says:

    Is this just rumor, or are the Yankees brass really considering moving him up this soo?

  4. Steve Says:

    Trenton’s lineup needs all the help it can get. Send Jesus to Trenton!

  5. emac2 Says:

    He should be moved to AA.

    It is really an odd question. Players have two basic areas to learn to get to the majors. One is hitting and one is fielding. There is no question that Montero is not being challenged by single A hitters.

    There is also no question that they still teach the art of catching in AA.

    Why would you hold back his development as a hitter when all you get out of it is half as much practice on the part of the game he needs to focus on? (that would be defence where he is now splitting time instead of being a full time catcher.

    I think the team either needs to be agressive teaching him to catch by playing him every day or switch him to another position where his bat can determine when he is ready for the majors.

    Retarding his development by having him play catcher every second or third day doesn’t help at all unless there are injuries being protected.

  6. Californiayankfan Says:

    I believe that Montero is destined to be trade bait.

    According to what I have read, he is absolutely hopeless defensively as a catcher. Based upon his size and speed, the only other positional options are first base or third base. But the Yankees have long term contracts with Arod at third and Texiera at first. Accordingly, there is no potential future role for Montero with the Yankees.

    I would suggest moving Montero to first base or possibly third base at Tampa for the rest of the year to work on his defensive skills at one of those positions. Next year would most likely be at Trenton, and if he is doing well, could be used as powerful trade bait.

  7. tags1 Says:

    I’m glad to see him move up. I agree with emac2 we need him to catch every day and see if he is going to be able to handle the position. Secondly as a Trenton Thunder fan it can’t be stressed how needed his bat is for a team that has no offense. As for trade bait, not sure you move your top power hitting prospect when there is no one else in his league as a hitter with power. I’d rather when the time comes he is the DH, backup catcher, firstbasemen and Romine is the everyday catcher. I could see trading him and having him come back to haunt us for years!

  8. emac2 Says:

    I would let him go in a deal for Mauer or Hanley Ramirez but no way he goes in a deal for anyone short of a star at a position of need.

    And yes, we would need to trade more than Montero for either of those guys.

  9. tags1 Says:

    I agree, trading him would be like some of the moves we used to make with prospects in the 70’s. And I agree it would have to be for a big time guy for me to pull the trigger on a deal for him. If he progresses like I hope he’ll be around for the long run.

    A trade for a guy like Mauer would require him and a Phil Hughes and maybe a second tier guy like Kontos.

  10. emac2 Says:

    I would do that. I fear it might cost Melancon and McAllister too though. I’m not sure where I would draw the line.

    The bidding war between the Red Sox and the Yankees for either of those two would be something to behold.

  11. tags1 Says:

    I agree, I hate to lose Melencon who I think has a huge up side. Haven’t seen McAllister yet just read about him.

    With the Sox looking for catching and Posada’s health unknown I agree the bidding could get nuts.

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