Why The Yankees Should Trade Jesus Montero

monteroSurely, you’ll look at the headline and assume I’ve overdosed on crazy pills. 

And perhaps I have, loyal reader.  Perhaps I have. 

You could, if you were a not so clever writer looking for a weak play on words involving his name, say that Jesus Montero is a godsend.

He’s made a big impact on this very blog, with news of his arrival shattering single-day records.

He’s made a big impact on the Thunder lineup, posting a line of .287/.353/.472 in his first 29 Double-A games.

He’s made a big impact off the field, with the July 4th jersey you see him wearing in that picture to the left having been auctioned off for over $600.

And he’s made a big impact in the Yankees organization, coming off his second consecutive Futures Game and just a few days away from the Double-A All-Star Game.

And with all that said, the Yankees should trade him.

Well, they could anyway.  That’s more to the point.  The Yankees could trade Jesus Montero.  He isn’t untradeable.  Austin Jackson isn’t untradeable, Jesus Montero isn’t untradeable…name me a prospect in any organization who is one thousand percent untradeable, and I’ll find you a general manager who’s lying to you.

Obviously, you don’t give him away.  Mets fans, take note.

Making him the Scott Kazmir in a deal for a Victor Zambrano…who was a stud…in Double-A…last year…at age 33, would be ridiculous.

The name that comes to mind, of course, is Roy Halladay.

Of all the players that are rumored to be or may become available by the July 31st trade deadline, it’s likely that Halladay is the only one who would warrant Montero being involved in any legitimate discussion.

But if getting a pitcher like Halladay would increase your chances at winning a championship — and it undoubtedly would — would you trade Jesus Montero, and in all likelihood a littany of other prospects to do so?

In the case of Montero, there are a few reasons as to why you should.

What are they?

Really, it’s who are they?

Austin Romine.  Francisco Cervelli.  Kyle Higashioka.  Chase Weems.

Those would be your reasons.

Find me anyone other than Jesus Montero who thinks Jesus Montero will be the New York Yankees catcher of the future.  Ask him what the weather is like, and the conversation will inevitably turn to how much he wants to catch.

And that’s great.

But most people you talk to, scouts included, feel Romine is better behind the plate and could become the better all-around player.

With Romine entrenched behind the plate and Mark Teixeira at first base, where does Montero play?  Considering the Yankees will have some aging veterans who will likely need to avoid playing defense at all costs by the time Montero gets to the big leagues, you can’t just stick him at designated hitter, either.

Moreso than any other, Romine’s the reason why the Yankees could trade Montero. 

But should they?  Well…

In this specific scenario, in which the Yankees would be attempting to acquire one of the best pitchers in the game — if not the best – who’s still in his prime, they may very well have to.

To pull off an in-season trade with a divisional rival for a player of that magnitude, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman would likely have rip out a few of the pages of the Baseball America Prospect Handbook and stuff them into the Toronto section.

There are people reading this who wouldn’t trade Montero straight up for Halladay.

And then there are people reading this who would gladly include Montero, Austin Jackson, and all their aunts and uncles for Halladay.

So where do you fall?  Tell me in the comments whether you would include Montero in any deal…tell me if you think Roy Halladay is worth the Yankees giving up several of their top prospects…and tell me what deal you think would be enough to acquire Halladay, if any.

Me?  I’m a beat writer, not a columnist.  I’m not allowed to have an opinion.  But, if I did…yeah, I’d deal Montero if it got me Roy Halladay.  Trade the unknown commodity for the sure thing.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com

53 Responses to “Why The Yankees Should Trade Jesus Montero”

  1. Stephen Says:

    If the Yankees really wanted Halladay (and I wouldn’t) then I would probably trade Hughes and Aceves who can easily be replaced in the big league bullpen while their value is high with someone like Zach McAllister (if the Yankees feel he won’t keep performing like this) and someone like Corban Joseph. Maybe one more player, but I feel like I wouldn’t want to trade this much for Halladay. I wouldn’t really want him right now. I feel Mitre will come up and do a good job and we don’t have to give up anyone.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So your package for Roy Halladay is … Phil Hughes, Alfredo Aceves and Corban Joseph? Perhaps Mike is not the only one who is taking crazy pills.

    Mine, you ask?

    Two of: Jesus Montero, Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Austin Jackson
    One of: Zach McAllister or Eduardo Nunez
    One of: Mark Melancon, Bradley Suttle, Francisco Cervelli (only if they do not choose Montero)

    I know that seems like a lot, but that’s what it will take — in the division — to get Roy Halladay with time left on his contract. Hell, if I’m Halladay I think twice about coming to the joke that is Yankee Stadium.

    • Stephen Says:

      Hold on there. I had Zach McAllister in there too. Phil Hughes and Z-Mac we both had. So you have Melancon and Jackson (or something) and I have Aceves and Corban Joseph. Your trade is a bit more than mine, but my point was that I wouldn’t trade for him. And what I was saying is that mine was minimum. I wouldn’t trade for him at all. Suttle is injured the Jays won’t take him. Corban Joseph could also be replaced by Ed Nunez in my trade and I think that would be minimum. Have you not seen Z-Mac this year. He is looking like Hughes and Joba. Our trades are very close except you have one more star-like player where I have Aceves.

      Trading Montero would be a waste and the organization will suffer.

    • Stephen Says:

      Now you look even worse b/c Doreen had a similar trade to me except I had Z-Mac instead of Montero/Jackson. Looks like your the crazy one.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Oh woe is me, the estimable Doreen had the same trade as you. My e-cred has been undermined. Whatever shall I do?

        For the record, yes, I have seen McAllister. I work with Mike. I see him every Thunder home game, thank you. I misunderstood your original post because:

        “Hughes and Aceves who can easily be replaced in the big league bullpen while their value is high with someone like Zach McAllister ”

        sounds like you mean to trade Hughes and/or Aceves and replace one of them with McAllister. My bad.

      • Stephen Says:

        Sorry to flip out like that. Figured it was a simple misread. I write and than my mind drifts off and I continure reading. Prepositional phrase in the wrong spot maybe.

  3. Tim Says:

    First off let me say that Halladay is one of the best pitchers in this era. However, the man is 32 years old and who knows how much longer he can last. While I know Montero probably won’t stay behind the plate, you could always change him to a corner outfield spot (power spot). He may end up hitting like Manny, but with probably better defense since he started out as a catcher.
    With that being said I would only give him up for a front of the line starter, one that is in his early to mid twenties (ex: linccecum-25, billingsley-24, josh johnson-25, to name a few). Anyways, thats my opinion.

  4. JT Says:

    Just what this team needs… another middle aged 20M player. Have you been paying attention the past couple years? Cash wouldn’t trade Hughes & Kennedy for 28 year old Santana! He’s not trading the best position prospect in their system Jeter for a 32 year old pitcher looking for a 4 year extension @ Santana/CiCi money.

  5. JT Says:

    Just what this team needs… another middle aged 20M player. Have you been paying attention the past couple years? Cash wouldn’t trade Hughes & Kennedy for 28 year old Santana! He’s not trading the best position prospect in their system since Jeter for a 32 year old pitcher looking for a 4 year extension @ Santana/CiCi money.

  6. joe Says:

    no way would i include the best hitting prospect in possibly all of baseball for his age. i think he is the only quote on quote untradeable for cashman right now. i dont think there is anyway he would include him or joba in a deal even it is for doc halladay.

  7. joe Says:

    can you blame him?

  8. Michaela Says:

    I think it would be ridiculous to trade Jesus. He’s the best hitter the Yankees have had since Derek Jeter. DEREK JETER PEOPLE! No way is he getting traded. No chance. And his defense is improving. In Trenton, he’s throwing out 28% of runners. He’s improving, and he’s going to help the team more long-term than a 32-year-old pitcher. And anyone who thinks that they should trade Jesus belongs in a padded room. Sorry.

  9. RalphieD Says:

    I dont want to trade montero but if i did there would not be much else to the deal…no joba or hughes thats for sure

  10. raymagnetic Says:

    As bad of a GM he may have been, Steve Phillips didn’t trade Scott Kazmir…….

  11. Doreen Says:

    I love what I hear about Montero, but he is all potential at this point. I personally don’t think a Halladay trade is necessary. BUT jumping to the other side, if the Yankees were to put together a package, I’d say Chamberlain or Hughes (but I’d rather keep Hughes), Montero OR Jackson (because you can’t give up BOTH of your best position prospects) and two lesser prospects.

    I don’t think any one particular player is untouchable; but I do think certain combinations of players could be deal breakers.

  12. Rebecca "Optimist Prime" Says:

    I wouldn’t.

    The Yankees haven’t had a bat like Montero’s in years, in the system, and there is no knowing, yet, if Romine can make the jump to AA–a lot of hitters can’t–or if Cervelli ever develops the power to catch full time.

    And besides, having a Jesus on the team is just bloody awesome.

  13. YankFanDave Says:

    Montero for Halladay. WILL NOT HAPPEN, for so many reasons, let me count the ways. 1-Toronto will not trade him within the division, especially with so many suitors offering great deals elsewhere; 2-the Yankees are willing to make a trade OR sign a free agent, but as we know with Santana, they don’t want that type of two-for-one cost and Halladay being a free agent after next season qualifies as just that; 3-everyone keeps wondering where will he play if he can’t cut it behind the plate but as I recall the Yankees play in the AL and they have this position called DH, so a potential BIG bat at DH is not such a bad back up plan for Montero (Matsui will be gone after this season as well might be Damon and to stick Jeter somewhere he doesn’t need to go just yet is silly; and, 4-offensively Montero is the kind of prospect you get once in a decade or so and as much as I like Jackson and Romine neither will hold a candle to Montero at the plate. I suspect the Yankees are talking up Romine and Jackson as not being tradeable to enhance their value because they know what they have in Montero and he is not going anywhere.

  14. joe Says:

    is bumgarner coming now to the all star game?

    • joe Says:

      dave, by the way jackson is actually holding his own in triple A hitting around 350 and developing pop with plus speed.

  15. CEC Says:

    Hey Joe, no Bumgarner, darn it

  16. joe Says:

    that is what i thought but when i asked him the top 5 prospects at the game he included his name.

  17. Rich Says:

    I think I would trade Joba, Jesus, Melancon, and a single A prospect (David Adams or Garrison Lassister). I would also want one or two low A prospects in return. I know that sounds greedy, but Jesus and Joba alone should be enough.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Ya know, if you said “Joba and Jesus should be enough” last year people would think you were being redundant

  18. …the Yankees should trade [Montero for Halladay].Well, they could anyway. That’s more to the p… Says:

    […] beat writer Mike Ashmore supports the trading of Jesus if it would land Halladay. For me, it depends what else we’re giving […]

  19. Peter Lacock Says:

    I would avoid offering AJax. His future D will further strengthen the awesome pitching.
    To me it’s a toss up between Joba and Hughes. I guess I’d offer Hughes first because Joba’s peak potential is slightly higher.
    Montero is a no brainer. 99% of guys like him never make it so it’s a good risk if you think it means even just one title and I think acquiring Halladay would make the Yanks prohibitive favorites for the next several years, like 5.
    So Montero, Hughes and I’d try it with Cano and see if that gets it done. If not, ZMac or Nova plus (any) relievers are always expendable.
    Maybe just Montero and Hughes for Cliff Lee would be better. Cleveland might do that and there’s a history of trades there.

  20. Yanks Fan Says:

    Toronto wants either Hughes or Joba and they want both Jackson and Romine.Way to much.

  21. barryl Says:

    the way I see it is that Halladay won’t have that much of an effect on the Yankees making the playoffs – either they hit in which case he doesn’t matter, or they don’t in which case again he doesn’t matter. Meaning that the only reason to bring him in is for during the playoffs and considering that he’s already 32 and has never pitched a meaningful game in the majors I’m not too sure I would trust him. So personally I wouldn’t be too excited about giving up all these prospects for him.

  22. Mack Says:

    Toronto is not going to trade him within the AL East. And I’m sure they’d prefer to trade him outside the AL entirely.

    On a related point, what’s the point of Toronto even fielding a team if they’re just going to trade away the best pitcher they’ve had in over a decade? Their stadium isn’t THAT antiquated, and they play in a very large market that has proven it will support a good product (they drew over 4 million fans during the World Series years). How about ownership actually invest in building a great team there, instead of being content to be a farm team for major market teams in The States?

  23. Defjux Says:

    Does anyone know what the pitching matchups will be this weekend?

    I wanted to see McAllister pitch and I know he’ll throw in the AA All Star game this Wednesday, but because he was lined up for his next start on Wed (July 15th) anyway and will probably only throw 1-2 innings in an allstar game, I wonder if the Yankees will pitch him again this weekend – maybe Saturday – to keep him strong and stretched out?

    If anyone has any insight on the wknd matchups – Mike especially – please let me know. I know WDR is scheduled to start on Saturday.

  24. thunderfangabe Says:

    if they consider the ASG to be zmacs start and they kept the current rotation then maybe it would be zach on wed, jeremy on thurs, pope of fri, tex on sat, WDLR on sunday…but i dont know for sure. just guessing.

  25. thunderbaseball Says:

    Ah, yes. Finally some comments on here. Thanks to everyone for weighing in.

    As far as the pitching matchups go, assuming Tampa gave the Yankees the OK — and yes this for some reason needed to go through the organization — Zach McAllister will start the All-Star Game.

    The rotation Gabe posted above will likely be how it plays out.

    Bumgarner is not coming as far as I know. For the record, he could have at least showed up.

  26. yanksince57-was last year 1959 or was it 1965? Says:

    well mike, you’ve truly absorbed the pete abe rule of blogdom. when in need of hits, just throw out some red meat and watch the feeding frenzy! in lohudland we have posadagate, jobamania, hughesarama, coke addiction, ace is the place and various arod bites to amuse us 🙂

  27. thunderbaseball Says:

    For what it’s worth, I don’t make any more or less money based on the hits I get…obviously, the more people I get coming here the better, but it doesn’t affect me either way.

  28. yanksince57-was last year 1959 or was it 1965? Says:

    who mentioned money?

    thunderbaseball Says:

    July 14, 2009 at 7:37 am Ah, yes. Finally some comments on here.

    and to avoid any misunderstanding, i repeat that i truly wish you were a 24/7 blogger!!!!!

  29. Links For Tuesday; Home Run Derby Edition Says:

    […] Ashmore on why the Yankees should trade stud catching prospect Jesus […]

  30. Tags1 Says:

    As I said on the Scranton blog I would not make the deal for Halladay. And I’m saying that as a person who has considered Halladay to be one of the best pitchers if not the best pitcher. First off he’s 31 and has had some injuries of late. Because he is in a multi year contract he would have to work out an extension (expensive) or walk after a year. And I think Toronto will do anything to not trade within the division. If we were talking about him at age 27 I’d feel differently but not now. As for Romine, he’s not even out of A ball so people who talk about him as the moving quick to the yanks are jumping the gun. We’ve seen plenty of guys (Eric Duncan) with hype who fizzled out. Lets hold onto our chips for now and see how they play out. With a payroll of over 2 million I think there needs to be some restraint.

  31. RobertGKramer Says:

    Not tempted for Halladay alone, but a package including Alex Rios would catch my fancy!

  32. JakeTheRake Says:

    As much as the Yankees NEED Doc Halladay right now, they should not include Hughes or Chamberlain to get him. That creates 2 more major holes, if you assume Halladay takes Wang’s spot in the rotation.

    I think Cashman should consider the tactics of the Beckett to Red Sox deal.

    Toronto needs to cut payroll. They owe Vernon Wells about $100 mil over the next 5 years. He’s still a very decent player, with a chance to bounce back to his former eliteness, but not worth that cash outlay for a team in the Jays position.

    The Sox took Lowell and his similarly-overpriced contract in order to land Beckett. The Yankees could do the same kind of player package/money dump for Halladay.

    Yankees get: Roy Halladay and Vernon Wells
    Toronto gets: Austin Jackson, Dellin Betances, David Robertson, and Melky Cabrera

    Once Wang returns, I would move Joba to the pen. He and Hughes together, setting up Mo, with Bruney, Coke, and Aceves bringing up the rear, that’s the kind of pen that can go the distance.

    Under this scenario, the pitching staff would ultimately look like this:

    1. Halladay
    2. Sabathia
    3. Burnett
    4. Pettite
    5. Wang

    1. Rivera
    2. Chamberlain
    3. Hughes
    4. Bruney
    5. Coke
    6. Aceves

    You’re welcome Cashman!

  33. Mike R. - Retire 21 Says:

    The Sox took on Mike Lowell’s contract an still had to give up Hanley Ramirez and Anibal Sanchez (in addition to Jesus Delgado and Guillermo Mota). That is a much better package than A-Jax, Betances (who’s hurt BTW), Robertson and Melky.

    Your proposal is borderline laughable.

  34. V Says:

    I do not trade a potential superstar bat for a 32 year old pitcher.

    Pitchers, even the ‘known commodities’, are fragile creatures.

    Chris Carpenter was signed to a nice extension by the Cardinals after a few years of utter dominance. How’d that work out?

    Roy Halladay has already had one injury this season. Who’s to say he pitches a season and a half of dominant, injury-free baseball? The odds are probably less than 80%. I need 100% to deal Montero.

  35. BklynJT Says:

    I may be wrong but I don’t think that hanley was in the top 5 red sox prospect when that deal was made. Who knows what AJax will turn out to be, so we can’t necessarily say those 2 deals aren’t similar, especially with the huge contract that wells has over Lowell.

  36. SteveB Says:


    -If the Yankees wouldn’t trade their prospects for Johan Santana (aged 28), why on earth would they entertain a trade for Roy Halladay (aged 32)?

    -Why would the Toronto Blue Jays deliberately improve the performance of a team in its own division, one that they would be playing 18 times each season?

    If someone can answer those questions, maybe I’ll think the Yankees have a slight chance of landing Halladay. Otherwise I think Halladay is going to an NL team, and that’s fine by me.

  37. kgSturnz0r217 Says:

    I don’t even have to argue to keep the prospects + Joba/Hughes, because I know $ won’t trade them 😛

  38. Giving up something to get something | River Avenue Blues Says:

    […] argument concerning Montero closely echoes Mike Ashmore’s passionate piece urging the Yanks to trade Jesus. Ashmore, who watches Montero on a day-by-day basis, understands that Jesus is not likely to wind […]

  39. NoShan Says:

    6+ years of the best hitting prospect in baseball for 1.5 years of a one of the best pitchers in baseball. Not to mention the inclusion of Joba or Hughes.

    Terrible idea buddy

  40. wilcymoore Says:


    You’re nuts. First of all, there are no sure things. Perhaps Albert Pujols is a sure thing, but when it comes to pitchers there are NO SURE THINGS. Halladay is great; he’s also 32 years old. He could begin declining this year. He could develop arm trouble next year and never return to prominence. Pedro Martinez looked great until he started to go south. The point is, we just don’t know. Montero isn’t a sure thing, either, even as a hitter. But he’s looking pretty good. In order to have top-flight homegrown talent, you have to let it develop. Maybe only 20% of your “really good” prospects will still be “really good” in the majors. But you have to let them develop. Some will prove to be very good indeed. Your view is the same old instant-gratification, eat-your-young approach which will over the long run will take down the Yankees. Foolish, foolish.

  41. Jay Fan Says:

    As a Blue Jays fan, and someone who has watched Halladay pitch many, many times over the course of his big league career, I can tell you that if the Yankees have a chance to land him, they should. He is an unbelievable pitcher, and he is being wasted in Toronto. Doc would instantly be your best pitcher, by far. Look what he has done in Toronto over his career – if he had been a Yankee from the beginning, he would be sitting closer to 200 wins. He really isn’t fragile, either…most of his injuries have been freakish – the Mench line drive broken leg, for example. No arm problems, or anything of that nature.

    That being said, I would never want him to go to New York, but I would love for him to get a shot at a World Series.

    Sell the farm, New York. With Doc, you will win.

  42. Mike Silva’s New York Baseball Digest » Blog Archive » Ashmore: Yanks Should Trade Montero Says:

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    […] July 16, 2009, 2:15 pm Mike Ashmore over at Thunder Thoughts discusses why the Yankees should trade Jesus Montero in a deal for Roy Halladay. Good read by […]

  44. jesushimself Says:

    you are a stupid idiot face and will bow down to jesus

  45. Carmine Says:

    The reason the yankees will not trade for Doc is that they don’t want the big salary. End of discussion. It is not going to happen.

  46. Jimmie Says:

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  47. Waylon Blackham Says:

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