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2009 Eastern League All-Star Game

July 15, 2009

Top 1st — Zach McAllister on the mound…Miguel Abreu singled to right…Deik Scram up…Abreu steals second…Scram flew out to center on a great running catch by Rene Tosoni…Michael Taylor flies out to deep right, Abreu advances to third…Carlos Santana grounds out to first.

0-0, heading into B1

Bottom 1st — Joe Savery on the mound…Brock Bond flew out to center…Eduardo Nunez hit a broken bat infield single…Jorge Jimenez weakly popped out to short…Brian Dopirak grounded out to first base.

0-0, heading into T2.

Top 2nd — Matthew Fox on the mound…Marvin Lowrance grounded out to shortstop…Neil Sellers strikes out swinging…Jason Delaney flew out to deep right…

0-0, heading into B2.

Bottom 2nd — Josh Wilkie on the mound…Jorge Vazquez popped out to Brian Friday, who made a very nice running over the shoulder catch…Rene Tosoni struck out looking…Eddy Martinez-Esteve grounded out to third.

0-0, heading into T3.

Top 3rd — Joe Paterson on the mound…Beau Mills grounded one back through the box off of Paterson’s right foot, Paterson threw him out…Brian Friday weakly grounded out to to Paterson…Miguel Abreu lined a ball off of the third baseman’s glove for a hit…Deik Scram doubled to the gap in right center, scoring a run…Michael Taylor walked…Carlos Santana got hit on the hand…Marvin Lowrance singled to right, scoring two…Neil Sellers struck out swining.

3-0, South, heading into B3.

Bottom 3rd — Daniel Moskos on the mound…D.J. Wabick grounded out to the first baseman…Brian Jeroloman walked…Brock Bond walked…Eduardo Nunez singled on a bad hop to the second baseman, scoring a run…Jorge Jimenez grounded out to second on amazing diving stop by Miguel Abreu…Brian Dopirak walked…Jorge Vazquez grounded out to short.

3-1, South, heading into T4.

Top 4th — Josh Schmidt on the mound…Jason Delaney grounds out to third…Beau Mills singled into right field off the second baseman’s glove…Brian Friday struck out, Mills was thrown out trying to steal second.

3-1, South, heading into B4. McAllister was 16/11, Schmidt was 16/10.

Bottom 4th — Chad Thall on the mound…Rene Tosoni walked…Eddy Martinez-Esteve walked…D.J. Wabick doubled down the left field line, scoring a run…Brian Jeroloman struck out swinging…Brock Bond grounded out to short, scoring a run…Eduardo Nunez flew out to center.

3-3, heading into T5.

Top 5th — Dustin Richardson on the mound…Miguel Abreu flew out to center…Deik Scram grounded out to first…Michael Taylor struck out swinging.

3-3, heading into B5.

Bottom 5th — Jeanmar Gomez on the mound — I’m told he threw a perfect game here once…Jorge Jimenez grounded out to third…Brian Dopirak flew out to deep right…Jorge Vazquez grounded out to first.

3-3, heading into T6.

Top 6th — Mike Dunn on the mound…Jesus Montero behind the plate…Reegie Corona now at short…Lars Anderson at first…Alex Avila flew out to left…Nick Weglarz grounded out to short…Jonathan Tucker walked and stole second…Jason Delaney walked…Beau Mills popped out to third.

3-3, heading into B6.

Bottom 6th — Zach Simons on the mound…Quintin Berry in center…Rene Tosoni grounded out to third…Lars Anderson struck out looking…D.J. Wabick singled to left…Jesus Montero with an infield single (yes, you read that right)…Brian Dinkelman struck out.

3-3, heading into T7.

Top 7th — Dan Otero on the mound…Brian Friday singled through the left side…Miguel Abreu grounded into a 4-6-3 DP…Quintin Berry singled to left…Michael Taylor grounded out to third.

3-3, heading into B7.

Bottom 7th — Vance Worley on the mound…Reegie Corona hit an infield single…Jorge Jimenez walked…Brian Dopirak flew out to deep right…Whit Robbins struck out…Rene Tosoni flew out to left.

3-3, heading into T8.

Top 8th — Roy Merritt on the mound…Alex Avila singled through the right side…Nick Weglarz hit into a fielders choice, with the runner at second being out…Avila stole second…Jonathan Tucker struck out swinging…Jason Delaney singled to right, scoring a run…Beau Mills struck out.

4-3, South, heading into B8.

Bottom 8th — Jack Spradlin on the mound…Lars Anderson lined out to second…D.J. Wabick grounded out to second…Jesus Montero singled…Brian Dinkelman hit an infield single, just beating out a throw by Miguel Abreu after he ran a long way to track the ball down…Reegie Corona flew out to center.

4-3, South, heading into T9.

Top 9th — Anthony Slama on the mound…Brian Friday struck out…Miguel Abreu got hit by a pitch and stole a base and reached third on a wild pitch…Quintin Berry walked…Michael Taylor singled home a run, but another runner got nailed at the plate…Slama out, Chris Province on the mound…ummm, there was a third out…

5-3, South, heading into B9.

Bottom 9th — Ryan Ouellette on the mound…Jorge Jimenez grounded out…Brian Dopirak got out…Ouellette out…Carlton Smith on the mound…Whit Robbins singled through the left side…Rene Tosoni popped out to second base.

FINAL: 5-3, South

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


2009 Eastern League All-Star Home Run Derby

July 15, 2009


Rene Tosoni — 0

Carlos Santana — 1

(Santana’s bat went into the stands on his first and only home run, thankfully missing everyone)

High School Kid A — 2

High School Kid B (Mike Fassl) — 3

Brian Dopirak — 2

Nick Weglarz — 1

(Weglarz whiffed for his 3rd out, and traded bats with Beau Mills after being laughed at by the dugout)

Michael Taylor — 1

Lars Anderson — 2

(Anderson got booed a little bit…that was a little light on the appropriate)


Swing-off to advance to round 2

High School Kid A (Mark Zagunis) — 1

Brian Dopirak — 1

Lars Anderson — 0


Sudden Death Swing-Off To Mercifully End The First Round

High School Kid A — 0

Brian Dopriak — 1


Final Round

High School Kid B —  1

Brian Dopriak — 0


Mike Fassl wins the Home Run Derby.  No, really.  Wow.  A high school kid wins the Eastern League Home Run Derby.  He gets a Hank Aaron signed bat and a $350 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

2009 Eastern League All-Star Game Pre-Game Notes

July 15, 2009

3:40 PM — Got quite a bit of stuff done…some photos and interviews — the one the Thunder readers will be most interested in a long chat with Yankees GM Brian Cashman.  Everything’s going to be done after the game, I’m not going to rush to post Michael Taylor or Carlos Santana stuff, and nothing about Cashman’s chat was breaking news-worthy.

Essentially, Cashman thinks Montero will be a catcher long-term, and said that some guys are more tradeable than others, but nobody’s untradeable.

1:45 PM — Just spoke to Tony Franklin in the dugout…apparently Jorge Vazquez will be unable to compete in the Home Run Derby due to a shoulder injury. He’ll be replaced by Portland’s Lars Anderson. Vazquez will still be able to play in the game, however.

1:00 PM — Lineups are in…


Miguel Abreu, 2B
Deik Scram, CF
Michael Taylor, RF
Carlos Santana, C
Marvin Lowrance, LF
Neil Sellers, 3B
Jason Delaney, DH
Beau Mills, 1B
Brian Friday, SS

Joe Savery, P


Brock Bond, 2B
Eduardo Nunez, SS
Jorge Jimenez, 3B
Brian Dopirak, 1B
Jorge Vazquez, DH
Rene Tosoni, CF
Eddy Martinez-Esteve, RF
D.J. Wabick, LF
Brian Jeroloman, C

Zach McAllister, P

12:30 PM — Forgot to mention that Frank Menechino is no longer participating in the Home Run Derby. Apparently, someone finally realized that wasn’t a good idea.

The participants are two high school kids and…

Michael Taylor (my pick to win), Carlos Santana, Nick Weglarz, Jorge Vazquez, Brian Dopirak and Rene Tosoni

12:15 PM — I’m here at the ballpark around seven hours before game time, clearly a new record. To be honest, I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to cover this thing yet…whether I have a Thunder emphasis on my coverage or just treat it like I’m covering an All-Star Game with no specific bias.

Zach McAllister starts for the North and Reading’s Joe Savery for the South.

No starting lineups as of yet…

I’ll have plenty of updates as players become available and so on…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT