2009 Eastern League All-Star Home Run Derby


Rene Tosoni — 0

Carlos Santana — 1

(Santana’s bat went into the stands on his first and only home run, thankfully missing everyone)

High School Kid A — 2

High School Kid B (Mike Fassl) — 3

Brian Dopirak — 2

Nick Weglarz — 1

(Weglarz whiffed for his 3rd out, and traded bats with Beau Mills after being laughed at by the dugout)

Michael Taylor — 1

Lars Anderson — 2

(Anderson got booed a little bit…that was a little light on the appropriate)


Swing-off to advance to round 2

High School Kid A (Mark Zagunis) — 1

Brian Dopirak — 1

Lars Anderson — 0


Sudden Death Swing-Off To Mercifully End The First Round

High School Kid A — 0

Brian Dopriak — 1


Final Round

High School Kid B —  1

Brian Dopriak — 0


Mike Fassl wins the Home Run Derby.  No, really.  Wow.  A high school kid wins the Eastern League Home Run Derby.  He gets a Hank Aaron signed bat and a $350 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com

6 Responses to “2009 Eastern League All-Star Home Run Derby”

  1. Staten Island jacks their way to a win | River Avenue Blues Says:

    […] a shoulder injury and was unable to participate in this afternoon’s Homerun Derby, which was won by New Jersey high schooler Mike Fassl. No, really. A high school kid won the Double-A Eastern League Homerun Derby. As for the actual […]

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It was wrong of the Eastern League to have HS kids in the HR Derby. Are they EL All-Stars? Plus they used aluminum bats. Just one of many things wrong with the festivities of this game in Trenton.

  3. RIKERS Says:

    Let’s just hope the next time a EL All Star game is evered played at Trenton they can orgainize it better.Autographs session was the worst.

  4. whiteycat Says:

    There is NO WAY that high school students should have been in the HR Derby! This was supposed to be about the Eastern League. If there was a desire to include HS kids in the festivities, it should have been a separate even for them only. This was totally inappropriate. The Hank Aaron bat should have gone to a professional player.

  5. whiteycat Says:

    Line 3 of the previous post should read separate EVENT. Sorry for the typo.

  6. Thunderfan Says:

    That was such bullsh*t. That kid shouldn’t have even been in the derby, or at least make him use a wooden bat like everybody else there.

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