Game 93: Portland @ Trenton

Game 93 – Portland Sea Dogs @ Trenton Thunder
July 19, 2009
Waterfront Park – Trenton, NJ

Pitching Matchup: POR Ryne Lawson vs. TRE Wilkin de la Rosa

Starting Lineups:


Josh Reddick, CF
Ryan Khoury, 2B
Jorge Jimenez, 3B
John Otness, C
Lars Anderson, DH
Jon Still, 1B
Ryan Kalish, LF
Jason Place, RF
Iggy Suarez, SS


Austin Krum, CF
Reegie Corona, 2B
Eduardo Nunez, SS
Noah Hall, DH
Jesus Montero, C
Chris Malec, 1B
Edwar Gonzalez, RF
Richie Robnett, LF
Justin Snyder, 3B

Radio Links: Click here for the links to each team’s broadcast.

Live Box Score: The direct link is here.

Around the Eastern League: For scores from around the EL, go here.

In-Game Updates (LIVE from the ballpark): 45 minutes into the game and we’re in the top of the second. Sweetness! 0-0, T2.

Five outs and four walks so far for De la Rosa. And one run on the second ball of the day that got past Jesus Montero…

Weird play for the last out of the second…with runners on the corners, the runner on first broke for second. Montero appeared to lose his grip on the ball, but the throw didn’t even reach the mound. But it got to second base, the runner on third broke for home, and was out about by about five feet at the plate. 1-0, Portland, heading into B2.

The Thunder are turning in a pretty typical day game performance so far…I can’t understand why they don’t seem to play well when the sun’s out for the whole game. One hit so far through four innings off of a pitcher with a 1-8 record and ERA over seven. 1-0, Portland, T5.

Four and two thirds for De La Rosa and that’s it…Josh Schmidt now in the game.

Chris Malec with a sac fly to tie the game, 1-1, B7. I have to leave to cover another game at 5…so I won’t have any post-game quotes or anything.

In-Game Photos:


Wilkin de la Rosa




Confused kid gets autograph from six foot, six inch tall man in light blue backpack.


Trenton Thunder baseball…it’s flitteriffic!


Tony Franklin


Noah Hall


Chris Malec


Ryne Lawson


Jesus Montero


Reegie Corona


Josh Schmidt


Justin Snyder


Jon Still

In-Game YouTube Videos: Check out my YouTube account for videos updated throughout the game…

Final Score: 2-1,Thunder.

Thunder Thoughts:

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

13 Responses to “Game 93: Portland @ Trenton”

  1. » Blog Archive » Trenton Wins On An Edwar Gonzalez walk off single Says:

    […] Trenton Thunder won over the Portland Sea Dogs by a score of 2-1(Mike Ashmore’s Thunder […]

  2. RIYank Says:

    I never comment here, but I just wanted to say I really enjoy this blog. I’m a huge Yankee fan, and I lived in Trenton for a year (but never saw a game there). I hang out at Bronx Banter but drop by to hear about the prospects, and also about the daily bread of AA baseball. Very cool. Thanks!

  3. thunderfangabe Says:

    finally broke out the sleeveless jerseys again!!! it has been forever!!

  4. thunderfangabe Says:

    those backpack pics were from saturday night.

    • thunderbaseball Says:

      That would be true…I just never had time to use the photos I shot, but loved that one.

      • SP Says:

        Ohhhh…ok. That makes sense.

        Yeah, that pic IS great….as is the mouseover on the pic of Malec

  5. Pete Says:

    Hey Mike……Any word on Jorge on how long he will be out? Havent had a chance to find out. Please let me know what you know. Thanks…Pete

  6. thunderbaseball Says:

    Nobody seems to be sure on Jorge…and I’m glad someone saw the little hidden joke on the photo filename.

  7. mbn007 Says:

    Looking at the pic of Snyder, reminds me that he really has fallen off the charts this season. Like his career has had a sharp brake applied to it. Not sure what the plans are, but Ramiro Pena is probably going to be the “super-sub” in NY by next season, and Russo is probably right behind him. Snyder seems to have slipped way down the list.


  8. thunderbaseball Says:

    Got skipped a level, has struggled, probably not his fault…would think the organization would realize he probably isn’t the player he’s been here this year.

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    […] Photo Credit: Mike Ashmore […]

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