The Quadrupleheader Live Blog

9:45 AM — So, this is probably the half of the quadrupleheader that some people would rather me not write about on here…but I work two beats, and it is what it is.  I’m going to write very similar stories for both sites I write for…

I’ll never do four games in one day in my career again, so I thought it would be neat to document it and share it with everyone…

Today started with getting up at around 6:45 AM and taking a bath…because yes, your friendly neighborhood beat writer prefers a bath to a shower.  Probably more than you needed to know, but anyways…

I managed to sneak in about 15 minutes of playing Drake’s Fortune: Uncharted on my Playstation 3 before leaving the house at around 8:50.  I stopped off at a fancy salon to get my hair cut and was out of there by about 9:30.  I pulled into TD Bank Ballpark in Bridgewater at around 9:45, and am anticipating covering all of the first game and most of the second game here. 


As far as Atlantic League pitching matchups go, it isn’t too bad.  Somerset sends former Thunder pitcher — and 2007 Atlantic League Pitcher of the Year — Brian Adams to the hill for Game 1, where he’ll face off against Camden’s former first round draft pick, Dewon Brazelton.  In Game 2, former big leaguer Clint Nageotte squares off against ex-Patriot Josh Brey, who helped the team win a championship last year.


In the press box, I’ve managed to finish off my two jelly donuts just before a tour group came through to check out the riveting spot where myself, colleague Ryan Dunleavy and the official scorer and scoreboard operator sit.

Somewhat ironically, I took the exact same tour when I was in my junior year of high school at Hunterdon Central.

10:10 AM — Lineups are in for the first game of the doubleheader…


Christopher Walker, RF
Wayne Lydon, CF
Jose Leon, DH
Jon Knott, LF
Vito Chiaravalloti, 1B
John Purdom, C
Brian Burgamy, SS
Brian Finegan, 2B
David Housel, 3B
Dewon Brazelton, P


Mike Rodriguez, RF
Sean Smith, CF
Matt Hagen, 2B
Josh Pressley, DH
Teuris Olivares, 3B
Travis Anderson, C
Joe Burke, 1B
Elliott Ayala, LF
Anthony Granato, SS
Brian Adams, P

There may be some names you recognize from the Eastern League or elsewhere there, including former Trenton infielder Teuris Olivares. Mike Rodriguez and Jeff Nettles both played with Bowie last year as well, and Joe Burke and Anthony Granato have played for the now-defunct Atlantic City Surf.

There are also some guys here — particularly in the Patriots lineup — that could still get picked up by affiliated baseball at some point. Both Noah Hall and Paul Bush have jumped from Somerset to Trenton this season.

10:20 AM — After a quick view of the JK Wedding Entrance Dance on YouTube and a check of my Facebook — both critical to performing my professional duties, of course — I start to head down to the field to sweat my butt off take some pictures for my coverage. I’ll be back up in a bit to share a few.

11:00 AM — The best part of camp days? The camp counselors The great pictures you’re able to take because of the light.

Here are a few…


Brian Adams


Travis Anderson


Dewon Brazelton


David Housel


Kevin Kotch


Sparky Lyle signs autographs for one of the camps


A shot with my back to the “402” sign in center field…


Adams warms up as the train goes past the stadium. The Bridgewater stop of the Raritan Valley Line is behind the outfield.

11:25 AM –Adams, attempting to set Somerset’s franchise record for wins (he’s coming into the game with 35), is down 1-0 after a bases loaded sac fly in the top of the 1st.

11:32 AM — 25 minutes for one inning? I may not get to see as much of the second game as I thought. I’ve got to leave at around 2:45 PM to make sure I make it to Trenton in time to speak to Tony Franklin.

11:40 AM — Atlantic League official Ellie Rodriguez has popped in the press box. Rodriguez is a former Yankee catcher, although he’s probably better known as a two-time All-Star and for having caught one of Nolan Ryan’s no-hitters. Not a bad guy to have access to when you need him.

11:45 AM — Bad baseball leads to Somerset tying the game. With runners on the corners and Mike Rodriguez up, Anthony Granato stole second. Joe Burke broke for home, and Camden shortstop Brian Burgamy noticed late and overthrew the catcher, allowing the run to score and Granato to reach third.

Rodriguez then hit a dribbler to the pitcher, which Dewon Brazelton mishandled, allowing Granato to score and for Somerset to take a 2-1 lead, B2.

12:00 PM — A sac fly by former Patriot Vito Chiaravalloti ties the game at two in the third inning.

12:45 PM — Brian Finegan has mercifully broken up the tie in the fifth, with a bases loaded single through the left side scoring a run. It’s 3-2, Camden, in the fifth inning of the first game.

12:50 PM — Matt Hagen, who probably has the most potential to get picked up out of anyone here, just re-tied the game with a solo shot to left field. It looked like barely hit the ball, and it just kept carrying. 3-3, B5.

12:55 PM — One Brian replaces another here in Somerset, as former Rays farmhand Brian Henderson has come in for Brian Adams, who will remain tied with another former Trenton pitcher, Justin Jensen, for the Patriots all-time wins record.

1:05 PM — Joe Burke with an RBI single that scores Travis Anderson, giving Somerset a 4-3 lead in the bottom of the 6th. That’ll be it for Brazelton, Franklin Perez comes in to replace him.

1:10 PM — Anthony Granato with a suicide squeeze with Burke on third…Perez fielded it and promptly chucked it to the backstop…5-3, Somerset, B6.

1:15 PM — Sean Smith bunts home another run…it’s now 6-3.

1:29 PM — Brian Henderson induces a broken bat pop-out to end the first game, with the Patriots winning, 6-3. The second game starts in about a half an hour…I’ll probably go down and take a few photos between now and then.

1:58 PM — Just came up from taking some pictures…apparently I missed some fun up here. Anyway, the highlights of my trip down to the field were numerous. Getting elbowed in the groin by a man attempting to grab a useless piece of plastic hurtling towards him (frisbee), walking past said fully grown man without saying anything, enjoying the gleeful feeling of seeing many of the busses leave and therefore not having to deal with the annoying kids cheerful, paying customers anymore, and catching a whiff of one of the mascots, Slider…who, yeah.  Wow.  Smells awesome.

2:05 PM — Here are the lineups for Game 2:


Wayne Lydon, CF
Christopher Walker, RF
Jose Leon, DH
Jon Knott, LF
Brian Burgamy, SS
Brett Bonvechio, 3B
Vito Chiaravalloti, 1B
Brian Finegan, 2B
Carlos Dominguez, C
Josh Brey, P


Mike Rodriguez, RF
Anthony Granato, SS
Matt Hagen, 2B
Josh Pressley, 1B
Jeff Nettles, DH
Jason Belcher, C
Elliott Ayala, 3B
Joe Burke, LF
Sean Smith, CF
Clint Nageotte, P

2:15 PM — As promised, some inbetween game photos…


Josh Brey


Ray Cipperly, current Patriots and ex-Thunder head groundskeeper


Frisbee toss


Grounds crew prepares the field between games


Clint Nageotte


Nageotte warming up

2:25 PM — Camden was already up 1-0 on another riveting sac fly by Jose Leon. But Anthony Granato’s tied it up at one already, B1.

2:33 PM — With the score tied at one heading into the bottom of the second, I’ve got to start packing up my stuff and getting ready to make the trip to Trenton, which will likely take a little more than an hour. I’ll keep this thread updated once I get to the park.

4:05 PM — I’m sitting in the Waterfront Park press box, absolutely crushing a wonderful spread of flank steak and some sort of alfredo penne pasta.  Apparently, Somerset carried a no-hitter into the sixth, but one of the relievers lost it…it would have been an excellent summary of my season had they pulled it off without me there.

5:20 PM — Lineups are here for the Thunder game…


Edgardo Baez, CF
Mike Daniel, RF
Matt Whitney, 1B
Joel Guzman, 3B
Ofilio Castro, 2B
Luke Montz, C
Jemel Spearman, LF
Sean Rooney, DH
Freddie Bynum, SS
Brad Meyers, P


Austin Krum, CF
Reegie Corona, 2B
Eduardo Nunez, SS
Jesus Montero, C
Chris Malec, 1B
Richie Robnett, DH
Edwar Gonzalez, RF
James Cooper, LF
Marcos Vechionacci, 3B
Wilkins de la Rosa, P

6:13 PM — De la Rosa has lost his perfect game two batters in, giving up a rainbow shot of a home run to Mike Daniel.  1-0, Harrisburg, T1.

6:14 PM — Matt Whitney hits a solo shot to left, making it 2-0, Senators, three batters into the game.

6:25 PM — Some photos from before the game…


Freddie Bynum


Wilkin de la Rosa


Reegie Corona warms up with Eduardo Nunez and…uhhh, Derby


Tony Franklin


Austin Krum


Brad Meyers

6:35 PM — Jesus Montero cuts the lead in half with an RBI single to right center field in the bottom of the first. Yes, we’re still in the first…

7:00 PM — As is the case one or two times a game here, I’m about to head out and take a walk around the concourse. Clears my head, and also gets me walking around…considering I sit on my butt for the majority of my work day.

7:25 PM — Jemel Spearman, he of the .159 average, drives in a run in the fourth to give lowly Harrisburg a 3-1 lead and a shot at winning their sixth straight against the Thunder.

7:35 PM — Edgardo Baez with what must have been the 18th sac fly I’ve seen today, giving the Senators a 4-1 lead…STILL in the fourth.

7:48 PM — James Cooper with a two-run double to left, cutting the Thunder’s deficit to one run…4-3, B4.

8:04 PM — Eduardo Nunez singles home a run through the left side…tied in the first game of a doubleheader. Sweet. 4-4, B5.

8:15 PM — Boomer, the Thunder’s mascot, has come into the press box. He had flowers. They were not for me. This makes me sad. Except, you know, not at all.

8:22 PM — Dan the friendly food man has brought cookies into the press box. This temporarily makes him my favorite person. I enjoy cookies. A lot.

8:45 PM — Extra innings in a doubleheader may be the worst thing ever invented. We’re heading into the 8th. Tied at four.

9:05 PM — The Thunder are now on their fourth pitcher of the night…Wilkins Arias. De La Rosa went four, Josh Schmidt went three and Jose Valdez went one…

9:16 PM — The Anvil! Bill Rhinehart shoots one through the right side, driving in a run and giving Harrisburg a 5-4 lead in the top of the 9th…of the first game.

9:20 PM — Ofilio Castro with a bases loaded, bases clearing double. 8-4, Senators.

9:32 PM — The Thunder lose game one, 8-4. They’re going to set off the fireworks — the only reason most people stayed — inbetween games. Game two starts in a half hour. No way I’m staying for the whole thing.

10:03 PM — Went down and snapped a few pictures, but I doubt anything came out well…Paul Bush starts for the Thunder, I do know that.


Michael Daniel, CF
Ofilio Castro, 2B
Leonard Davis, RF
Joel Guzman, 3B
Bill Rhinehart, 1B
Marvin Lowrance, LF
Matt Whitney, DH
Sean Rooney, C
Freddie Bynum, SS

Erik Arnesen, P


Austin Krum, CF
Reegie Corona, 2B
Eduardo Nunez, SS
Chris Malec, 1B
Noah Hall, DH
James Cooper, LF
Edwar Gonzalez, RF
Kyle Anson, C
Justin Snyder, 3B

Paul Bush, P

10:08 PM — The first pitch has been thrown in game 2. The official attendance for Game 1 was listed at…drumroll…one. One.

10:32 PM — Edwar Gonzalez gives the Thunder a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the 2nd, scoring Chris Malec on a little flare to left center.

10:43 PM — With the score 1-0 in favor of the Thunder heading into the bottom of the 3rd, I’m packing up my stuff and heading home. Doesn’t seem there was much cooperation from the baseball gods to see four complete games today…hope everyone enjoyed the ridiculousness.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


11 Responses to “The Quadrupleheader Live Blog”

  1. Art Vandalay Says:

    Wow Mike,
    That Camden Lineup ranks right up there with the 27 Yankees, and it’s good to see Teuris Olivares is still hanging in there for Somerset. Does he use a walker to get around the bases? As the Newark Bears say on their radio commercials…”MAJOR LEAGUE QUALITY BASEBALL, FOR MINOR LEAGUE PRICES”…yeah right!

  2. greg Says:

    how many cups of coffee today???

  3. thunderbaseball Says:

    Why am I not surprised Art made an appearance today?

    And Greg…I don’t drink coffee. Soda? Hell yes. But no coffee.

  4. Jay Ballz Says:

    Sounds pretty cool. I’ll keep checking back.

  5. Art Vandalay Says:

    Boy Mike,
    there is nothing more exciting than reading the play-by-play of a game between Somerset and Camden. Looks like a huge crowd…I can never see enough pictures of Kevin (Mayor) Kotch, and David ( Who He) Housel.

  6. Peter Lacock Says:

    Ahh, the rare doubledoubleheader, you gotta see some things. No no-hitter but ya got back-to-back HR’s. Maybe a suicide squeeze or something else, yet to come.

  7. Groundhoggator Says:

    what’s worse than extra innings of a double header is LOSING in extra innings of a double header.

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  9. Art Vandalay Says:

    Mike…how could you leave???? I guess all the excitement you experienced in Somerset left you exhausted!

  10. » Blog Archive » Paul Bush Pitches Great As Trenton Wins Second Game Says:

    […] Trenton Thunder won over the Harrisburg Senators by a score of 5-0(Mike Ashmore’s Thunder Thoughts) in the second game of their double […]

  11. Sean Serritella Says:

    I love home games. I get to see all the great pictures posted.

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