All The Gory Details Of Jesus Montero’s Injury

In my professional opinion, Jesus Montero’s broken finger actually sounds pretty gross.  But I know that one thing I can never do is give too many details, so here are a few quotes from manager Tony Franklin about what the scene was like when the uber-prospect snapped his left middle finger.

“It was serious enough for surgery, you just don’t have surgery for no reason.  It was out of place.  I didn’t get a chance to see it — I don’t think it was a compound (fracture), no — but it was out of place and broken.  I guess it was broken right there at the knuckle, and they were trying to put it back in place when I got there.  Tim (Lentych) got to him pretty quick, and he grabbed the hand and finger and actually covered it.  I guess it was disfigured to some proportion.  When I got there, Tim had the finger covered and they were walking away.  I guess the shock hadn’t set in yet, but he was pretty calm.” 

“When I got to the bench, his head was down and Tim was pulling on it, trying to get it back in place, and eventually they got it back into place.  But it was pretty painful.  Something like that’s never happened to me, and I don’t know if any of you have experienced something like that, but it was pretty painful.  But they got it back in, and he felt a little better.  But I never got a chance to see what it actually looked like, but the guys who were there on the bench at the time said it was pretty disfigured at the time.  It had just popped out of place and was broken and all that sort of stuff.  So they had to do surgery on that.”

“It’s the middle finger, so it’s in the glove. The thing of it is, is that when you get your glove up, the ball can hit the back of it or hit the front of the glove.  We’re talking about a 90 miles per hour fastball, that’s a pretty significant amount of speed.  And when it hits you, even though you’ve got a glove on, it does damage.  These catchers do it all the time, that’s why they wear those thumb guards, because they’ll catch balls awkwardly.  It’s not easy.”

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5 Responses to “All The Gory Details Of Jesus Montero’s Injury”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Who’s pitching tonight’s game? (8/11/09)

  2. Caffy Says:

    I’ve broken many of my fingers before in varying degrees of severity (doctors started telling me I could just handle it on my own because there was nothing they could do besides splint it). So I was also a little surprised when I saw Jesus’ crazy arm sling. Your explanation sheds a little more light I guess, but I’m still scratching my head on why surgery was needed. Do you know if there was any nerve or ligament damage?

    Hopefully not! Those injuries can linger forever and probably cause a tremendous amount of pain…

  3. Walt R. Says:


    It’s Lance Pendleton tonight. Home debut I believe.

  4. Bronx Baseball Daily Says:

    I think I could have been spared those details. Thanks anyways.

  5. Michaela Says:

    nasty. i read everything about Jesus but that was just…ew. good to finally know all the info though.

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