Game 121/122: Pre-Game Notes (Updated with Nardi Contreras Information, NOW QUOTES)

4:50 PM — Spoke to Tony Franklin for a bit…Francisco Santana seems unlikely to play at…ummm, any point.  There really isn’t much else going on to speak of.

3:40 PM — Contreras quotes:

On Ian Kennedy pitching a regular season game somewhere: “I don’t think so.  At least not in the minor leagues, unless the Triple-A team goes to the playoffs.  Because he’s going to first BP that I’ve got him for on August 31st.  So, that’s a BP, his first BP.  So he’ll have another BP, then we’ll get him into some type of simulated games or something.  Is it possible?  Possible.  A two inning job or something like that.  But to be ready to pitch six, seven innings any place?  No.”

On Alan Horne: “He pitches tomorrow in the Gulf Coast League.  We’ll see how he does.  I think his last outing, he went six innings and gave up three runs.  But (Trenton’s staff) is set, there’s a lot of pitching.” 

On Wilkin de la Rosa returning: “Our throwing program has him ready to pitch the last week of the season.  But again, that’s on paper.  He has to go out and see how he feels.  Paper wise, with his rest and the work we’ll do with the sides and the long toss programs, we could get him to pitch in the last week and the playoffs, possibly.  He’s got something wrong with the biceps tendon, that’s what it is.”

On Humberto Sanchez: “He’s coming along good.  He’s lost weight, he’s pitching well, he’s competing, he’s regaining his arm strength.  When I saw him in Harrisburg, it was the best I’ve seen him since we’ve had him.”

On Grant Duff: “Things are clicking for him.  He’s got a power arm.  We have Romulo Sanchez, who hits 99.  Melancon’s hit 97.  He’s in the top three or four (with velocity).  At least second for sure.  Romulo Sanchez is hitting 99 every game.  He’s come really well, though.  His delivery has really improved.  The slider’s good, the split’s there.  He’s done well.”

3:30 PM — Nardi Contreras, who’s been in Charleston for the past three weeks, was a surprise visitor today in Trenton.  He’ll be here through Sunday’s game.

I’ll have quotes shortly…but he said it seems unlikely Ian Kennedy will pitch in a regular season minor league game this season (Contreras told me he’ll be throwing his first BP on August 31st, so it’s possible but unlikely that he’ll be ready by then).

Contreras also told me that it seems the Trenton staff is pretty much set.  As a result, it seems Alan Horne, although he recently threw six innings, won’t be rejoining the staff any time soon.

He’s pleased with Zach McAllister’s return from shoulder fatigue issues.

He confirmed that Wilkins de la Rosa had an issue with a biceps tendon, but also said that De la Rosa is on schedule to return for the last week of the season.

He also was pleased with Grant Duff, saying that other than Romulo Sanchez — who consistently hits 99 MPH, he said — that he can’t think of anyone at the upper levels who’s throwing harder right now.

3:15 PM — Seems as though Grant Duff will pick up Game 1 for Trenton, which is interesting considering he got the final out yesterday.  Zach McAllister is still slated to go in Game 2.

For what it’s worth, here’s who’s set to go for the Fisher Cats when they come into town: Friday: RHP Randy Boone, Saturday: RHP Kenny Rodriguez, Sunday: RHP Adrian Martin, Monday: LHP Luis Perez.

3:00 PM — Just got to the park.  Going to try to get some info on who’s “starting” game one, and if the scheduled starters for today’s scheduled game are staying as is.  Updated: Jon Kibler is starting the “second game” for Erie, as scheduled.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

5 Responses to “Game 121/122: Pre-Game Notes (Updated with Nardi Contreras Information, NOW QUOTES)”

  1. CEC Says:

    What does Nardi Contreras think about Pat Venditte and when do we get to see Venditte in Trenton? Does the kid have a chance to make it as a real pitcher?

  2. August 19: Lineup and notes - Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees Blog - Says:

    […] Kennedy news comes from Mike Ashmore, who talked to Nardi Contreras in Trenton. Contreras said more or less exactly what Mark Newman […]

  3. ThunderStruck Says:

    did Contreras say how Staten Island favorite Andy Shive is doing?

  4. Perhaps we should start calling him K-Mac | River Avenue Blues Says:

    […] ER, 1 BB, 3 K, 1-3 GB/FB – he got the last out yesterday, then started back up today … Nardi Contreras says he’s been one of the hardest throwers in the upper levels this year Kanekoa Texeira: 2 […]

  5. viridiana Says:

    Question for Nardi: Any thoughts on why so many of our best prospects (Horne, Garcia, Kontos, WDLR, Betances etc etc) have come up lame? I realize some guys were drafted with injury problems but I’m not sure I’ve seen a team with som many high-ceiling pitcher prospect injuries. Red Sox, by contrast, seem th ohave had relatively few.

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