Updating Game 132…Well, Sort Of

I am home.  Apparently, the tarp is still on the field and no decisions has been made regarding the game yet, which is…somewhat deplorable, if I’m being honest about it.

Bang it, don’t bang it, whatever…but it shouldn’t take this long to make the decision.

It’s obviously a huge game for both teams, but if they can just suspend it and finish it up tomorrow, I don’t really see what the need is to make everyone wait around at this hour — it’s 11:30 PM as I write this.

My alarm’s set for 8:30 AM tomorrow, and I will be at the ballpark.  I just have no idea how many innings I’ll be covering.  Check out the Thunder website for any updates on tonight’s game and what may happen tomorrow if tonight’s second game is suspended.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


3 Responses to “Updating Game 132…Well, Sort Of”

  1. fugetaboutit23 Says:

    yo my man mickey you said santana was sent back to staten island,was that his twin in the dugout.also peep this whats up with the cervelli bat contest,holla back at me and let me know.

  2. thunderfangabe Says:

    suspended and will pick up tomorrow at 105. then the regular game will be 7 innings.

  3. thunderbaseball Says:

    Um. Wow. Santana was a paper move. Yo.

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