Wordekemper, Sanchez Up To Scranton

— Eric Wordekemper and Humberto Sanchez have been called up to Scranton.  No word on who replaces them.

— New Britain will be losing players as well…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


8 Responses to “Wordekemper, Sanchez Up To Scranton”

  1. Mack Says:

    Sucks to have this happen now with the playoffs now at least a possibility again. But minor league playoffs are far from the first priority for the Yankees. Truth be told, the Thunder have been very fortunate on that front the last few years.

  2. Scooter10 Says:

    On Pete Abraham’s blog, he mentions that Girardi said “more than two pitchers” would be called up tomorrow. And “a couple” of position players. Fairly certain the position players will be Cervelli and Pena. Pitchers will likely will be some combination of Albaledejo, Melancon, Ramirez and Claggett.

    Assuming 2 position players and 3 pitchers….. 1 spot goes to Guzman (OF acquired today), another perhaps to Bernier (off the DL for infield depth), then Wordy, H.Sanchez and perhaps Sanit (off the DL).

    Just my thoughts and intuition. No inside info.

  3. Confused3 Says:

    Sanit just came off the DL and Whelan was put on the DL on Saturday I believe.

  4. Steve Says:

    The Yankees got Guzman late. They have no room for him with Duncan coming off DL tomorrow likely. Shelley might go up too becuase this happened later. And Brian Peterson has to come off DL instead of Bernier becuase it is Cervelli and Pena. Stewart would be the only catcher. I predicted Wordekemper and Valdez would be most likely to go up. Slightly surprised with Humberto over Schmidt and Texeira even, but they might want to move him.

    Whelan will be eligible to come off DL tomorrow for SWB in a third spot.

    I am guessing that Paul Bush comes off DL for one spot. I hope the other spot is Hovis from the FSL, but I doubt it. I doubt De La Rosa is ready so maybe Bernier is sent here? That seams unlikely. Hovis is the most likely scenario. Then they get Kapala to bring in the FSL for him since the Sally League won’t have the Yanks in the playoffs unless Heyer or Norton can come off DL.

    Best case scenario for Scranton is that Shelley goes up because no room for all three of Guzman and the two Duncans. Bernier still won’t have a spot though. He doesn’t really deserve one anyway

  5. Ebyanks Says:

    I had thought Damon Oppenheimer had overseen amateur scouting, if you are correct that he oversees all scouting then my bad!!
    You mentioned you interviewed him. Is their a link to read the interview???

  6. Scooter10 Says:

    Steve – good catch on Peterson. I agree. He’ll be activated when Cervelli is called up today. And if E.Duncan is ready, I see him going up as well. To me it makes sense for the Yankees to call up Cervelli, Pena, AND Duncan. I know it impacts the SWB playoff roster but each of these guys could play some given the age of some of the Yankees regulars. As for Miranda, I’m not sure he would get enough time at this point. But some consideration there as well.

  7. Scooter10 Says:

    BTW, didn’t mean “going up” as in NYY for E.Duncan. I meant activated. As for Trenton, perhaps we’ll see Hovis and Castillo back. Horne a possibility as well – they could use Stephens as a long man.

  8. Coming and going on September 1 - Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees Blog - TheTimes-Tribune.com Says:

    […] the Triple-A team hasn't announced any moves yet. Not even the big league call-ups. Mike Ashmore brought us the news of Sanchez (right) and Wordekemper. Trading for Guzman was announced by several […]

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