Matt Carson recently hit his first big league home run.  Thing is, he doesn’t have the baseball.  Why?  Because the “fan” who caught it demanded an exorbitant amount of money for it.

Funny, I’d have traded him a punch in the face.  Amazing that people do stuff like that.  Now the so-called fan has a baseball sitting in his basement that means nothing to him or anyone else other than Carson himself. 

It’s just silly.

Read more in The San Francisco Chronicle here.

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9 Responses to “Jerk.”

  1. Stu Says:

    I’ve always wondered about that. For a guy like Matt Carson, the fan clearly should return it. But what about the guy who caught Derek Jeter’s first home run? I know Jeter wanted it and would like to have it now, but that’s a pretty significant historical item that has to be worth six figures.

    Should the fan always return it, or are there times where the thing’s too valuable to give back?

  2. Steve Says:

    If it was something like A-Rod’s HR breaking Bonds’ record then I can imagine it. Seriously though. Carson is a good guy who probably won’t hit 100 career HRs if he gets a chance. He is never going to make millions of dollars in one season. Just give it to Matt.

  3. yanksince57-was last year 1959 or was it 1965? Says:

    hey, it might even be carson’s ONLY ml homer 😦

  4. matt Says:

    i disagree on this post. just because a guy makes demands for the HR ball doesnt been he is a jerk. there are a lot of hard times hitting americans out there and who knows what situation the guy is in. read the article. carson has the bat, he could save the helmet, batting gloves, uni, socks, cleats, underwear, anything to represent his first homer. the ball is the fans. If MLB doesnt want this to happen then don’t have fans sitting in the outfield seats.
    Happy for Carson. Good to see exthunder make it to the bigs.

  5. Yanks4ever Says:

    Maybe the guy should ask for a signed rookie baseball card,that could really be worth alot of money someday.

  6. Jen Says:

    Demanding $10,000 for Carson’s ball is a lot. I know the fan caught it and he has a right to keep it, but I think he thought he was just going to get rich off of it. It’s a disgrace…he should have given it to a cute little girl so she could throw it back.

  7. Caffy Says:

    I’d pay that much for the ball so I could give it back to Carson… hehe

  8. mbn007 Says:

    The fan probably earns more at his job than Carson does. He should just give it to him. 10 grand is ridiculous. Matt is in his late 20s, and it is doubtful he ever becomes a Hall of Famer or even a star. So that ball will never be worth 10 grand. To Carson though, it is worth something – memories.

    I say – just give it to him.

  9. matt Says:

    there are some good guys sitting in the bleachers.. pena hit his first homer the other night. The person who caught it handed right over to the yankees bullpen to return to pena. in return a plain mlb baseball. WHAT? he threw it back down to bullpen to get signed by everyone, even RIVERA signed it. good story…

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