Best. Call-Up. Ever.

It seems the Yankees September call-ups weren’t over with just yet.

Chad Jennings, who has done an excellent job as the Scranton Yankees beat writer, will be taking over for Peter Abraham, who’s leaving LoHud to go to the Boston Globe

That’s awesome news for Chad, who is very deserving of such a move.

Without Pete and Chad, I’d venture to guess that my career wouldn’t be where it is now.  Both have been instrumental in the success of this blog  — it’s always amazing to see what happens to the hits here when one or both link to something I’ve written — and their help and friendship has been invaluable.

In reading some of the comments on various posts about these moves, I’ve seen that a lot of you have had very kind words regarding myself serving as a possible replacement, and that’s very flattering and appreciated.  The fact that people feel like I should even be considered for the position shows how far I’ve come from a guy who stumbled onto this line of work by accident seven years ago.

I do believe that a knowledge of the alphabet is a prerequisite of moving up a level…so yes, I screwed up and posted the Matt Cusick piece before I posted the Colin Curtis one.  Curtis…Cusick…close enough, right?  So I’ll have the Curtis stuff for you later today.  OK? 

I appreciate everyone’s kind words, and I’ll keep trying to post new things every day on here to keep everyone interested and talking.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


10 Responses to “Best. Call-Up. Ever.”

  1. mbn007 Says:

    Hope it works out for you in the future, wherever you end up. But we love your coverage here too.

  2. David Says:

    I second what mbn007 says, but if you leave here SWB isn’t such a bad place to go.

  3. richinnj Says:

    You do deserve to move up.

  4. David McD Says:

    They could do a lot worse than sending you up to AAA, dude…

  5. SteveB Says:

    mike, what’s the latest with the Vikings?

  6. RIKERS Says:

    I wish Chad all the best.Now Mike it’s time you move on up

  7. Peter Lacock Says:

    So Mike, didya hear PNC Field is getting a new $1.1 million playing surface? Didya hear that the rest of the facility is said to be top notch? Have you been there in oh, like the last month, for say, meeting some people, I mean, checking out the progress?

  8. yanksince57-was last year 1959 or was it 1965? Says:

    mike is one of those older “prospects” who has to be moved up 🙂

  9. Peter Lacock Says:


  10. BTL05 Says:

    A little late to the party on this one, but I can’t help myself.

    Those who know me also know that I have little regard for 99% of the sports media. That being the case, please know that Pete Abraham and Mike Ashmore are rare. Good writers who have a clue, even better people.


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