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A Few Things…

October 7, 2009

I want to apologize for the lack of activity on the blog over the past few days. As many of you know, I work two beats (three, if you count the T-Devils stuff online) and the Somerset Patriots recently won their fifth Atlantic League Championship. Covering a Championship Series requires my full attention, and between traveling to Waldorf, Maryland for the final two games of the series and doing the subsequent writing for that, I haven’t had much time to write on here.

This will change.


I was fortunate enough to be able to cover Game 1 of the ALDS tonight, and will be at Game 2 on Friday as well…outside of any Thunder-related ties, my assignment from the paper is to essentially tie this all into Hunterdon County somehow. So, you’ll likely see some sort of interesting feature in the paper next Thursday that either describes my experience covering the series or shows how restaurants and bars in the county have been affected by the Yankees playoff run while combining that with how the games actually went.

Again, “interesting feature” applies there.

My initial idea, which was to take the angle of how beneficial it was for the many Thunder alums to play on the 2005-08 playoff teams and how that benfitted them in situations like this, doesn’t really work if I can’t talk to the guys before the games…and my schedule doesn’t work to where I can attend the workouts when there is player access.  So this is pretty much a big scramble for Plan B.

So, I’ll resume the A-Z stuff when I can, and get you guys those features on both Mark Melancon and Tim Lentych shortly as well.

I’d blog from Yankee Stadium, but there’s some new guy doing that. Chad…Chad something?  Never heard of him.  All jokes aside — and it was great to talk to Chad on the field for a few minutes, seems like he’s fitting in really nicely over there — this blog is devoted solely to Double-A related stuff, and I’m really there more for my paper than I am anything else.  So I won’t do too much on here unless it’s Thunder related.