2009 Thunder A-Z: Jose Gil

Before 2009: I’m sure you were all just anxiously awaiting a look at Jose Gil, so here goes…Gil was signed by the Yankees as a non-drafted free agent in 2003 as a 16-year-old out of Venezuela.  After a 2004 stint in the Dominican Summer League, Gil would debut on North American soil in 2006, splitting time between Short Season-A Staten Island and Low-A Charleston.  Gil would repeat that plan in 2007, but put together a much better combined season between the two, hitting 12 of his 17 career home runs and driving in 50 of his career 125 RBI that year.

Gil would see a lot of playing time in 2008, appearing in 73 games for High-A Tampa.  He hit .240 with just one home run and 25 RBI and seemed to lose any steam he’d gathered in terms of making waves in the system. 

2009: Gil essentially became an organizational catcher last season, spending time at Tampa, Trenton and Scranton.  He started the season as Trenton’s third catcher, being used very sparingly.  He was called up to Scranton — never appearing in a game — and then was quickly sent back down to Trenton.  After just a handful of games with the Thunder (12), Gil was eventually sent back down to Tampa to get some actual playing time.

After 2009: It is hard to envision a role for Gil in 2010 that would be any different than the one he endured in 2009.  A career .229 hitter in an organization that’s overflowing with prospects behind the plate, there would seem to be no realistic starting roles for him at any level of the farm system.  It is entirely possible that Gil would be better served playing in another organization.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


7 Responses to “2009 Thunder A-Z: Jose Gil”

  1. yanksince57 - FINALLY!!! Says:

    one of several organizational catchers who will soon be surplus to requirements – peterson 31, pilittere 28, anson 26, baker 25 and gil 23. my money is on anson to be the last one to leave.

  2. tdevils Says:

    Peterson is an MiLb FA, so he’s gone…

  3. yanksince57 - FINALLY!!! Says:

    soon came soon LOL!

  4. yanksince57 - FINALLY!!! Says:

    btw mike, great job on these writeups! i’m patiently waiting on trahan 🙂

  5. thunderbaseball Says:

    I probably won’t do him just because he never actually pitched in a game for the team…although I did talk to him in New Britain and I could dig up that audio and whip something up.

    Before 2009: I

    2009: Don’t

    After 2009: Know

  6. yanksince57 - FINALLY!!! Says:

    chuckles 🙂 do you think franklin has more restraints on allocating playing time than other aa managers?

  7. thunderbaseball Says:

    I think that’s fair to say. Any third catcher is going to have trouble finding the lineup, though.

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