Who’s Your 2009 Thunder MVP? Cy Young? Good Guy?

In this Thursday’s Democrat, I’ll unveil my choices for those honors in the fourth annual awards article, the seventh annual for the paper.

While my picks may be set, I’d be curious to see who you guys would pick for MVP, Cy Young and Good Guy. 

The Good Guy award will probably be a little tough considering you guys unfortunately don’t get the kind of access to these guys like the media does, but many of the people reading this have interacted with quite a few of the guys on the team at one point or another, I’m sure.

Post your picks in the comments, or send a tweet my way on Twitter: Mashmore98

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


10 Responses to “Who’s Your 2009 Thunder MVP? Cy Young? Good Guy?”

  1. thunderfangabe Says:

    it’s a tough call for me on all of these but i kinda like malec for MVP, josh for CY, tex for GG…although noah is very able to take GG as well…both of them always take time for the kids or to chat with any of the fans…josh was very dependable both out of the pen or when he started and needed to go a few innings at a time (tex too for that matter)…and malec just works his butt off every single day

  2. SP Says:

    I said

    Nunez and Schmidt as Co-MVPs
    McAllister as Cy

    Nunez had a very solid season and was a consistent hitter in a somewhat weak line-up. Even though I picked Z-Mac for the Cy Young, I had Schmidt as the other MVP because he did whatever the team needed and excelled in every role, with the 2nd most wins on the team. I know having 2 MVPs is kind of cheating, but I thought it was fair in this case…haha

    I agree with what thunderfangabe said about Malec too, and I also had him under consideration for MVP. Aside from his solid performance, I think his steady influence and veteran leadership were more valuable to the team than some ppl might realize. He pretty much anchored the young infield, even calling plays at times, and often set the tone with his intensity.

  3. lebron Says:

    montero for mvp

  4. Dave S. Staten Island Says:

    I like Tex as the Good Guys. I’ve run across a lot of great guys and Tex is right on to of that list!

    I’ll take McAllister as Cy. He missed some time but was the best when he was out there.

    And I also agree with Schmidt as MVP ! He did EVERTHING the team asked for and more. Josh knows his role and what he needs to do to move up ! I think he would be a solid choice as MVP.

  5. Debbie Sheehan Says:

    Mike or anyone,
    Who has been chosen in the past. I canot remember, just curious.

  6. Dave S. Staten Island Says:

    I think PJ was MVP in 2009….

  7. thunderbaseball Says:

    Ashmore’s Postseason Thunder Awards
    by Mike Ashmore

    Another Trenton Thunder season in the books, and another season of Ashmore’s Awards get handed out.

    This is my third season of covering the Thunder for the Democrat as a writer, and my fifth overall. In taking a look at these awards, I’ll also provide the history of the players who have won them in seasons past, including when they were handed out by good friend and colleague Scott Stanchak when he was on the beat from 2003-05.

    As I said last season, this is some of the most insignificant hardware this team will have won this year, as the Thunder went on to win their second consecutive Eastern League championship.

    In any event, drumroll please…

    Ashmore’s 2008 Trenton Thunder MVP: P.J. Pilittere

    Much of Trenton’s success was attributed to the pitching staff, which led the league in ERA (3.11), fewest hits allowed (1065), shutouts (16) and strikeouts (1122). But largely overlooked was one of the big reasons behind their success, starting catcher P.J. Pilittere.

    That all started to change this year, when the backstop played in his first Eastern League All-Star Game and started collecting some clutch hits to give the Thunder some key wins.

    With Francisco Cervelli having a spot on the 40-man roster and already having made his big league debut, there are many who feel that Pilittere’s days in the Yankees organization are numbered. But he deserves a chance to start in Triple-A Scranton next year, and shouldn’t be overlooked if the big league club has a need behind the plate.

    Scott Stanchak’s Previous Winners: Brian Myrow (2003), Mitch Jones (2004), Shelley Duncan (2005)

    Ashmore’s Previous Winners: Randy Ruiz (2006), Noah Hall (2007)

    Ashmore’s 2008 Trenton Thunder Cy Young: Jason Jones

    For most of the 2008 season, Jason Jones was the best pitcher in the entire Eastern League. He got the start in the league’s annual midsummer classic, and even saw some time in Triple-A Scranton.

    But like Pilittere, there are many who feel that Jones doesn’t have a very bright future in the Yankees organization. And just as is the case with Pilittere, the organization would be missing out if they didn’t offer him a legitimate chance at the next level in 2009.

    He finished 2008 with a 13-7 record and 3.33 ERA, and appropriately enough was on the mound to record the final out when the Thunder won the championship at home in Waterfront Park.

    Scott Stanchak’s Previous Winners: Andy Beal (2003), Dave Shepard (2004), Justin Pope (2005)

    Ashmore’s Previous Winner: Phil Hughes (2006), Alan Horne and Scott Patterson (2007)

    Ashmore’s 2008 Trenton Thunder Good Guy Award: Tony Franklin

    It’s interesting in that if I were to give this award to a player, Pilittere and Jones would probably have ended up splitting it. But it would be hard to find anyone more deserving than manager Tony Franklin.

    With my increased involvement with the Thunder this season, I found myself needing to lean on Franklin more for quotes and information about his team’s players. He was always more than accommodating, and would often keep us in his office for well over the time we were supposed to be in there, telling great stories and making us feel like we belonged in there.

    Franklin got to spend the last week at Yankee Stadium in uniform, “called up” to the big leagues by the 26-time World Champions as a reward for back-to-back championships. For someone who has helped so many careers over as long of a period of time as he has, it was fitting that the first time he ever stepped foot in “The House That Ruth Built” would be wearing the famous Yankee pinstripes.

    Future “Good Guy” awards will be named after the Thunder skipper.

    Ashmore’s Previous Winners: Charlie Manning (2006), Jason Brown (2007)

  8. Dave S. Staten Island Says:

    Thanks Mike…

  9. mbn007 Says:

    Schmidtt as teh MVP He pitched in whatever role they asked of him, and more often than not, he did it well.

    Montero would be my choice but he needed to play another month or so, IMO. His Thunder time was too short.

  10. SP Says:

    Any idea when this is running, Mike?

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