Trading Curtis Granderson for Curtis Granderson…

I wouldn’t be surprised if that look has been on the face of Austin Jackson ever since finding out he’s been dealt to the Detroit Tigers.  And for some Yankees fans, they probably feel the same way.

After all, Curtis Granderson has had three straight 20 home run seasons, and hit a career high 30 last season.  They also got something in return for Phil Coke, whose departure gives Mike Dunn a very, very real opportunity to make the big league roster out of camp next year and Ian Kennedy, whose status has seemed to drop ever since he cracked the big leagues.

But having covered Austin Jackson for an entire season, what’s to say that Jackson couldn’t have become Curtis Granderson?  The comparisons that we heard a lot in Trenton were that Jackson was a newer version of Devon White. 

But if he could have developed his power a little more, it’s possible he could have become Granderson 2.0; an exciting above average defensive outfielder with a good bat, decent pop and decent speed.  He would have been a cheap, in-house option instead of having to give up tomorrow for today yet again, something the Yankees have said time and time again they wouldn’t do.

Only time will tell if Austin Jackson can have a big league career comparable to what Granderson has had so far.  I believe he can (although I doubt he reaches Granderson’s power numbers), and it seems he’ll get every opportunity to do that in the big leagues in 2010 with Detroit.  It’s just hard to fathom that after all the deals that got nixed because Jackson was asked for, this was the one they eventually shipped him away in.

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9 Responses to “Trading Curtis Granderson for Curtis Granderson…”

  1. yanksince57 - FINALLY!!! Says:

    i’m torn! as a prospect hugger, i wish that jackson and kennedy had gotten to the bigs full time. as a roster churner, i’m happy they are not standing pat. good luck to all the players involved 🙂

  2. Bryan Says:


    How can he have a comparable career to Granderson’s minus the power ? If that’s the case then it’s not comparable ! He could have a comparable career to Mantle minus the power for that matter !

    The Yanks gave up today for today not tomorrow. To get an established player who is already there for a player that compares to him that may or may not ever reach that level is what it’s all about. For every Jay Buhner there are 100 John Ford Griffin’s that the Yanks have traded away but it’s all part of doing business.

  3. CEC Says:

    This deal sucks, Austin will become a great player and Granderson will get booed at home by May. Good for Ian he needs to be somewhere that nobody cares about to get it going.

  4. Peter Lacock Says:

    I too had become quite fond of AJax and IPK but, getting a young, All-Star caliber CF for them, dulls the pain quite nicely. I can understand many points of view of this trade but one view I can’t understand is booing Granderson. Why? It’s not his fault. If someone doesn’t like the trade they should boo Cashman (the genius).

  5. CEC Says:

    I am sure they will boo when he strikes out 4 times in 1 game. Maybe I am not being fair, I liked Jackson on and off the field, he is a class act. I just wanted to see him jump in with the Yanks and do good things but that is baseball. I just feel it was a move to make a move.

  6. Joe Says:

    I agree it was hard for letting go of a-jax but the yankees have made clear that they want to win now. Figure you get 3 to 4 good years left out of jeter and 1 to 2 out of posada and rivera. The team is old and they want to win now. I follow austin a lot and he was an exciting player. the comparison is alright but he is faster than curtis with less pop. they do both indeed strike out a lot. i think this was a great trade because they got rid of Coke who knows only how to serve up homeruns to mauer and morneau. Ian kennedy just never really was given a fair chance so it didn’t hurt losing him, Austin was the only one that you felt the pain a little bit after finding out but the yankees now have an all-star caliber CF for at least the next 3 years which is something they havent had since Bernie left.

  7. CEC Says:

    Hey Joe I know, as you said it still kinda hurts. Maybe Austin comes back in a few years???? I quess we see if we can get Doc and then see which of our kids are gone then.

  8. Joe Says:

    If you get Doc, who the hell is the number 1 prospect because it will cost montero. Montero is a gem and i don’t want to trade away the system. i don’t know what A-Jax will develop into but i think he will be a solid player but will never make a real impact (all-star). I could be wrong though but the potential and ceiling is what makes it hurt.

  9. diwhflq Says:

    good goodstudy

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