2009 Thunder A-Z: Noah Hall

Before 2009: Somehow, I doubt you care what Noah Hall did in 1996, his first professional season.  So, in lieu of writing up the past 13 seasons of Hall’s career, I’ll give you a brief summary up until 2007.  Hall was drafted in 1995 by the Expos and spent five seasons in their organization, topping out at Double-A.  Over the next six seasons, he played in the Reds, Blue Jays, White Sox and Orioles organizations, as well as a return to the Expos system in 2003. 

In 2007, Hall found himself in independent baseball for the second time in his career, this time starting the season with the Atlantic League’s Somerset Patriots.  After just one game, Hall was signed by the Yankees organization and assigned to Double-A Trenton in early May.  He spent the entire season with the Thunder, hitting .292 with nine home runs and 50 RBI and helping Trenton win their first Eastern League title.

In 2008, Hall split time between the White Sox and Mariners organizations, seeing some time in Triple-A for the third time in his career.

2009: Hall would again come back to independent baseball to start the 2009 season, again beginning the year with the Somerset Patriots.  He’d last exactly one month with Somerset this time, before the Yankees came calling again.  He would again be assigned to the Thunder, and didn’t quite put up the numbers he had back in 2007, this time posting a .245 average with three home runs and 33 RBI.  He also battled injuries, but once again served as a positive influence on some of the younger players on the team.  After the Thunder season ended in early September, Hall returned to Somerset and helped them become the first team in Atlantic League history to win back-to-back championships.

After 2009: Hall’s status for 2010 is uncertain.  Will he play?  If so, where?  Would he go back to independent ball?  Would an organization take a chance on him? 

One thing I do know is that Hall is one of the best guys I’ve ever covered over my seven-year career, and it’s been a pleasant surprise to see him pop up in my various beats over the past few years.  Seems wherever he went, I went last year.  When the time is right, Hall would make a great coach someday.  His easygoing demeanor and knowledge of the game would make him a perfect candidate for this, and I know that’s something he’s been thinking about over the past few seasons as well.  The Yankees organization would be wise to keep this in mind if any positions should open up over the next few seasons.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com

4 Responses to “2009 Thunder A-Z: Noah Hall”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Mike. I agree that Hall will make a great coach. I always saw him and Malec as kind of de facto captains last yr after Mendoza became a coach.

  2. yanksince57 - FINALLY!!! Says:

    bye noah 🙂 is justin pope officially a coach now?

  3. the happy hungarian Says:

    He’ll make a fine coach….maybe even a manager.
    Just keep him away from the spread table.

  4. chuy gonzalez Says:

    noah hall is a true warrior and big heart,

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