Yankees Add Former Phillies Prospect Golson

Remember Greg Golson?  Sure you do. 

Well, multiple outlets report that Golson was just acquired by the Yankees in exchange for Mitch Hilligoss.  Hilligoss’ hitting streak in 2007 garnered national attention, but after two sub-par seasons at High-A Tampa, Yankees officials must have concluded that he was developing far too slowly for their liking.

Golson came into Trenton as a member of the Reading Phillies in both 2007 and 2008.  He entered the 2007 season as the Phillies 10th best prospect according to Baseball America.  In 2008, he was ranked 7th.

An athletic, speedy outfielder with little power to speak of, he was traded to Texas after the 2008 season for John Mayberry, Jr.  He entered the 2009 season as Texas’ 26th best prospect.  They labeled him a “slow developing first round experiment.”

He went from playing in the Futures Game to becoming a very, very fringy big leaguer.  As such, he’s likely slated for Triple-A Scranton, where he’ll have to play his way into a call-up.  He’d pretty much have to blow the doors off the Yankees officials if he were to have any chance of cracking the Opening Day roster.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


7 Responses to “Yankees Add Former Phillies Prospect Golson”

  1. Jay B Says:

    Golson gives his all. Hasn’t ever developed to what was expected, but he’s a good team guy. Could help the big club with speed and range, if called on.

  2. yanksince57 - NO damon please! Says:

    the swb outfield has certainly been restocked well, along with plenty of young if and jesus himself 🙂 if the prospect arms can continue to improve, i forsee another cup season!

  3. mbn007 Says:

    Golson essentially replaces Freddy Guzman, but he has much more potential to be some kind of offensive force, if he can get it all together. Hopefully, teh light bulb clicks on this season.

  4. ebyanks Says:

    Who do you think will be on the starting Staff for Trenton on Day 1??

  5. the happy hungarian Says:

    As one former manager might say, You’ve got a better chance of seeing Jesus Christ make the NY roster out of camp.

  6. Joe Says:

    i think he is a good cheap addition. they gave up a guy who has lost his potential for a guy who is looking to turn his career around. its a low risk move.

  7. the happy hungarian Says:

    Not a bad move at all….just saying Golson looks like a 4A guy at best. Those 4 to 1 minor league K/BB ratios tend to stop a guy dead in his tracks in the show.

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