Fortenberry’s Gone, Too

First reported by The Trentonian‘s Josh Norris last night and confirmed today, the New York Yankees have released outfielder Seth Fortenberry, as well as the previously reported release of Chris Malec and seven other players.  Pinstripes Plus has the other names, and they are: Mike Lyon, Isaac Harrow, Julian Arballo, Griffin Bailey, Buck Afenir, Dan Miller and Paul Heidler.

Fortenberry’s the name Thunder fans know, however.  The Yankees 11th round pick in 2006, Seth had a very strong start to his pro career.  He accumulated 34 home runs in his first three seasons, and was rated by Baseball America to have had the Yankees strongest outfield arm.

And then 2009 happened.

Fortenberry started the season in Trenton and flat out didn’t get it done, hitting just .160 with no home runs and eight RBI in two months before being jettisoned to Tampa for the remainder of the season.  Things didn’t get much better there…in 59 games, he hit just .175 with six home runs and 27 RBI.  The strong outfield arm never seemed to materialize either, at least not at Waterfront Park.

Were he younger, I think the Yankees would have shown more patience given he had three strong seasons prior to last year.  But given that he’s 26 and couldn’t adjust to Double-A, and he forced their hand.

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One Response to “Fortenberry’s Gone, Too”

  1. yanksince57 - LET"S ROLL! Says:

    i didn’t understand why fortenberry was even brought back, but i expected malec to get one last chance at trenton to reestablish his credentials. and it doesn’t look good for a lot of the 25/26 y/o “prospects” cluttering up the system!

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