Game 1: Post-Game Notes

— Everything was going just the way you thought it would for Christian Garcia through the first 5 2/3 innings of the game.  And then, what everyone had hoped wouldn’t happen did…inevitable as it seems to many of you, nobody saw this coming.

Nobody saw the elbow soreness that ended his night early.  Scroll down if you want quotes from Garcia or manager Tony Franklin, but Garcia’s comments are very telling…saying if he could have thrown another pitch, he would have.  It’s haunting to think that he was reminded of the pain that shut him down last year, and it makes you wonder about his long term future.

This is at least the seventh significant injury for Garcia during his tenure in the Yankees organization; he strained his elbow in ’05, strained an oblique in ’06, had Tommy John surgery on his right elbow and knee surgery in ’07 as well as elbow tendinitis AND surgery in ’09.

At some point, you have to wonder if he can keep coming back…whether it’s even worth it for him.  There is no question this kid is talented.  Look at what he did tonight as his body betrayed him once again.

What you don’t see in quotes is his demeanor.  He was polite, but crushed.  He forced a smile.  He looked and sounded like a guy who knew something bad had happened to him once again.

Garcia is likely to undergo various tests on his elbow tomorrow, and if there are any updates to be had, I will obviously post them here.

People like Christian Garcia.  The feeling of shock in the press box once Tim Lentych came out of the dugout was very palpable…Garcia is considered a good guy, and even if he wasn’t, how do you not feel bad for someone who’s gone through what he has, only to have it happen again.

A quick Garcia story…I got to Media Day on Tuesday around 12:45, and as I was getting out of my car, the first person I saw was Christian Garcia, who was in his workout gear and walking towards the parking lot.  He recognized me, said hello to me by name, and we had a brief conversation.  It sounds so stupid to people who don’t do this, but that’s not normal in this business.  You can walk past guys who you see 60-70 times a year and they don’t say a word to you.  There are guys who don’t take your phone calls, guys who don’t call you back, guys who don’t acknowledge you exist.

Christian Garcia is none of those things.  I truly believe that what team you follow or followed is meaningless in his job.  You root for stories in this business.   You don’t root for teams…although, yes, it’s more fun to cover a good team than a bad one.  And most relevant, you root for good people.  So let’s all hope this is nothing more than a minor setback for Garcia.

— OK, so this was Opening Day after all.  It can’t all be about Garcia, right?  This was a great night for the Thunder as a whole.  They packed over 7,000 people in the place for the opener, the field was looking as good as it ever has, and the World Series trophy was available on the concourse for fans to see for most of the game. 

On the field, Austin Romine was 1-for-4 with an RBI and Brandon Laird was 2-for-4.  The bullpen spun three and a third scoreless innings, and this looked like a team that can compete with anyone in 2010.  With everything going on, this wasn’t a great day for me to get real good impressions of these guys…so I’ll share more of my thoughts on these guys after I’ve seen them for a little while longer.

— Grant Duff was hitting 94-96 on the gun.  Noel Castillo was around 92-94. 

— Clarifying the rotation issues from pre-game…Ryan Pope goes tomorrow, Jeremy Bleich on Saturday, David Phelps on Sunday and D.J. Mitchell on Monday.  Tuesday?  Lance Pendleton and Wilkin De La Rosa are in-house options who weren’t used tonight, and Hector Noesi would be on full rest were he to be summoned from Tampa.

— I will be writing for The Trentonian on Friday and Saturday…but I will update everything I can until game-time, and immediately after.  And if you aren’t following me on Twitter…do it.  I update there all game regardless of where I write. 

— Also, to address the comments…and I read each and every one, for what it’s worth…I provided every Garcia update there was to provide.  There is nothing I can do in a situation like that until after the game.  There is no access to players during the game, and there are never injury updates provided by the team during the game.  I am not allowed in the clubhouse during games, nor is the team trainer allowed to speak regarding injuries. 

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

11 Responses to “Game 1: Post-Game Notes”

  1. yanksince57 - JESUS H MONTERO! Says:

    unf’ing believable! was garcia mr. mxplystyk (sp) in a previous life? or whoever is the guy walking around with a thunder (haha) cloud hanging over his head!

  2. Thunder Says:

    We are all pulling for you Christian! 305

  3. Dave S. Staten Island Says:

    And he was looking awesome too…. We all knew it wasn;t good when Austin went to the mound. Real sad, I just asked him Tuesday how he felt and he said great….. I also wish Christian all the best, he is a nice kid. Thanks again for the updates Mike, and I’m sorry I bothered you during the game about Garcia, I thought you may have heard something. I now understand that you don’t get info until the game is over…

  4. goodluckgarcia Says:

    The guy needs prayers. They’ve proven that when multiples of people pray, the vibratory effect spikes and healing occurs.

    I’m serious – don’t use pray as a metaphor. Let’s all really pray for Garcia to be healed. This has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with an actual vibratory ‘feel-good’ response from the cosmos that finds its target – the intended object of the prayer.

    Get going! We don’t have another arm like this in our system!

  5. thunderbaseball Says:

    That wasn’t directed at you, Dave. I know everybody wants information, and trust me when I tell you I want to get it right for my readers first…but saying stuff like I only serve the locals and so on is really only going to piss me off.

    Me in my first or second year doing this would have been upset, but me eight years in basically just needed to calmly explain how information is acquired and dispensed. Good lesson for me as well.

    But I want everyone to know, I did absolutely, positively everything I could to update everyone as soon as I knew everything. I tweeted from Tony Franklin’s office, actually.

  6. Wrapping Up Opening Day… « Mike Ashmore’s Thunder Thoughts Says:

    […] Post-Game Notes ** […]

  7. goodluckgarcia Says:

    Actually, I meant it seriously that you do have a function serving the local paper down there, there was nothing snide at all in that post.

    I was a sports writer for 10 years – covered the NHL, NFL and Division I Men’s BB. My point was, you have other responsibilities besides providing us Garcia hungry people with news.

    If you took it as some sort of tongue in cheek comment, that’s not within my control. That’s not the way it was intended.

  8. thunderbaseball Says:

    It was really more out of that I felt as though I had done everything I could in regards to Garcia updates. Admittedly, there wasn’t too much focus on the actual game itself, but I did owe it to the people following the game thread to update that as well.

    In terms of serving the local paper…outside of the times I’ll be writing for The Trentonian this season, I cover the team for a weekly paper that’s out of the county. So I can pretty much dictate what I feel like the most pertinent stories are to either put on here or put in print every week. So there really, to be honest, was no thought process in regards to the newspaper or anything like that since I don’t have to focus on my print work until Sunday…I submit Sunday’s for a Thursday edition.

    But like I said, it was more the feeling that someone felt I wasn’t doing everything I could to update people with everything I knew. If you look at the blog, the Twitter page, everything…I really feel like I did everything I could. Compare my Opening Day coverage and even my Garcia stuff to what you see with other teams and so on, and I’d like to believe I come out quite favorably.

  9. Dave S. Staten Island Says:

    LOL I had to stay up a extra hour last night reading all the info you had for Opening Day… So I’d say “Good Job” !!!!! No explainations necessary…

  10. goodluckgarcia Says:

    Yeah, you did a good job on it.

    Such a depressing outcome after such a promising beginning.

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    […] to wonder, despite his electric talent, if he’ll ever be a successful major league pitcher. According to Mike Ashmore this is his seventh major […]

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