Garcia Leaves Game With Apparent Injury; Now In Dugout

Christian Garcia was through 5 2/3 innings, and threw 69 pitches, 48 for strikes.  With a 1-2 count, trainer Tim Lentych came out and after a long meeting with the infield and coaching staff, Garcia and Lentych walked off together. 

I will get whatever updates I can for you.

Garcia was pitching at 89-92 MPH on the radar gun.

According to Frankie Piliere, Hector Noesi is ready for Double-A and could be the guy if Garcia has any sort of serious injury. 

To update, and a lot of this is on my Twitter, there is/was no obvious injury to Garcia.  He looked into the dugout after his 1-1 pitch.  He was not clearly favoring anything.  I will continue to update as events warrant.

Garcia is now in the dugout with a jacket on…he’s still here.  It’s the bottom of the 8th inning.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

39 Responses to “Garcia Leaves Game With Apparent Injury; Now In Dugout”

  1. goodluckgaria Says:

    Please tell me he’s not….again…???

  2. goodluckgarcia Says:


  3. Mark Says:

    You can’t even make this stuff up with Garcia.

  4. goodluckgarcia Says:

    What the hell happened??! I was going tonight, but something came up. Little did I realize it was my only chance to see him pitch.

  5. NOoOOOO Says:


  6. NOoOOOO Says:


  7. Garcia Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you brotha!

  8. thunderbaseball Says:

    Updating as I can on here and Twitter

  9. Thunder #1 Fan Says:

    Man i hope garcia is ok! he’s my favorite!

  10. kinglear Says:

    Come on, Christian! Be all right, man!!!

  11. goodluckgarcia Says:

    So what are you saying, they yanked him in the middle of a 1-2 count because of pitch count?? Wasn’t he 1-2 on the batter??

  12. thunderbaseball Says:

    No. The trainer wouldn’t come out for pitch count issues. He was supposed to go 75 according to Tony Franklin and 80-85 according to Garcia himself.

  13. Thunder #1 Fan Says:

    where is he now?

  14. goodluckgarcia Says:

    South Beach? 😦

  15. thunderbaseball Says:

    Training room is my guess.

  16. goodluckgarcia Says:

    The game is now completely beside the point for me. I need to know about Garcia.

  17. Mr. Scott Says:

    How many times has Garcia been injured while in the Yankees organization?

  18. thunderbaseball Says:

    I believe six.

  19. Kevin M. Says:

    I think I’m gonna be sick.

  20. kinglear Says:

    Update on Garcia?!:beg:

  21. Kevin M. Says:

    89-92 would be a few mph below where Pilliere had him in ST a couple of weeks ago. Could be further evidence something was bothering him.

    Also remember he was briefly shut down with a sore elbow while in ML Camp early this spring.

  22. thunder Says:


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    […] Chris Garcia was pulled from tonight’s Double-A start in the middle in the sixth inning. Mike Ashmore reports that Garcia seemed to be hurt because he left mid-batter, and only after the […]

  24. thunder Says:

    You guys are giving us NOTHING on garcia’s UPDATE!

  25. goodluckgarcia Says:

    Agree thunder, the story is Garcia, not the game.

  26. thunder Says:

    Aren’t You there mike?? Go talk to him! LOL

  27. kinglear Says:

    Well? What up with Xtian?

  28. goodluckgarcia Says:

    hey kl,

    We should have gone tonight. I know you had to watch your BC boys, though.

    Let’s hope that wasn’t the one, the only chance to see CG pitch this season!

  29. kinglear Says:

    Yup, should have gone, but think only good thoughts, godluckgarcia!

  30. goodluckgarcia Says:

    I guess Mike has to serve the locals, who are not aware or don’t care that Garcia has the best arm in the Yankee system and that his fortunes are more relevant than the course of this one Thunder game.

    At least, to Yankee fans.

  31. goodluckgarcia Says:

    It’s the elbow again.

    Shakes head…


  32. Thunder Says:

    How do you know elbow?????

  33. goodluckgarcia Says:


    Go up to the text and move to the upper right-hand corner. You’ll see ‘Garcia: elbow injury’ in blue. Click and read the sad story.

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  35. jspec Says:

    ah man!! I hope he’s ok. Just let the kid relieve after this. I hope the organization sticks with him. Stay strong kid. You’ll get pass all of this.

  36. Wrapping Up Opening Day… « Mike Ashmore’s Thunder Thoughts Says:

    […] Garcia Injury ** […]

  37. John Says:

    Has Garcia had surgery yet? Any decision?

  38. Photo Flashback: Opening night in Trenton | NJ Baseball Says:

    […] I’ve been to 11 Mets openers and four or five Lakewood BlueClaws openers, but last night was my first opening night at Trenton’s Waterfront Park. And while it may have only been April 8, with a gametime temperature of 75 degrees, it felt like July 8. A gorgeous night all around — with the exception of Christian Garcia’s injury. […]

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    Garcia Leaves Game With Apparent Injury; Now In Dugout | Mike Ashmore’s Thunder Thoughts

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