Manager Tony Franklin’s Comments On Christian Garcia

“We don’t know (anything) yet, we haven’t had a chance to evaluate him.  It was his elbow.  We don’t know the extent of what’s happened.”

“It’s unfortunate that this has happened again.  For one, he was cruising and doing everything that we expected him to do and what he’s always done.  It’s just another unfortunate incident”

“He felt like something was going to pop.  I don’t know what to say after he tells me that…I just go ‘oh no, not again.’  We’ll just have to wait and see what the doctor says.”

“I didn’t (see any signs he was injured).  Everything was going fine.  Matter of fact, the pitch that he threw that ended his night, I didn’t even see that, I had briefly looked away.  I saw the pitch on the way home and turned away to do something, and the next thing you know, everybody’s going to the mound.”

“The kid’s been through so much.  This is another setback and you don’t know what the deal is.  I feel bad for him, because he’s worked so hard in trying to get back and pitch.  He always has.  Things continue to happen.  That being said, it may not be anything.  Hopefully, it isn’t.  It just ended his night on a sour note.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

4 Responses to “Manager Tony Franklin’s Comments On Christian Garcia”

  1. goodluckgarcia Says:

    Stop playing with my emotions, Tony.

    “Might not be anything”???

    How likely is that?? Start prayin’, folks.

    Good job, MA.

  2. Thunder Says:

    They don’t know ANYTHiNG yet! It’s all talk now untill he sees a doctor! Leave it at that and pray for him.

  3. kinglear Says:

    Seriously, pray for him and maybe he will be all right. :beg:

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