A Thank You Note From Christian Garcia

To the fans,

Thank you to everyone for your support and for believing in me.  I’ve gone through a lot, and you’ve never given hope up and always believed in me.  I also want to say I’m sorry to all the fans who have been rooting for me and pulling for me.  I want to tell you, I promise, I’ll be back next year and I’ll be stronger than ever.


Christian Garcia

18 Responses to “A Thank You Note From Christian Garcia”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Best of luck to Christian in his rehab. I can’t imagine how hard it is to time and again have to start over from scratch, but he sounds like he’s ready for yet another challenge. Hope the Yankees continue to have faith in him and keep him around, because if his baseball ability is anything like his work ethic, he could still be a star.

  2. Anonymous Says:


    Thank you for thinking of the fans and taking the time to write this note.

    Injuries are something unfortunate that you can’t control, but I know you will be ok because you’re a very talented pitcher and you are still young.

    I wish you the best as you work to come back for next season. Looking forward to seeing you back on the mound!

  3. cec Says:

    Good luck Christian we are rooting for you. Thanks for thinking about us. Keep up the good work and we will see you in the Big Show in the near future.

  4. Dave S. Staten Island Says:

    Kick butt on your rehab and come back strong….. We will wait for you !!!! Good Luck Christian..

    Dave S.
    Staten Island

  5. John Says:

    Good Luck Christian!

    Mike, how serious an injury is this? Is rate of return to full (or better) strength good? How long? Thanks

  6. Joekuh Says:

    Christian, we’re still cheering for you. Get well soon!!

  7. Scott Says:

    All the best Chris.
    I will still be rooting for you Feb 2011. I believe that you will be a Major League Starting Pitcher and these episodes will go along way in making you a very good one.
    Aug 2011 you will be toeing the pitching rubber for the Yankees because you were just that good in the minors.

  8. Tony Says:


    Good Luck in getting back ASAP!

    There’s a lot of guys that come thru Trenton and there are a handful of die hard fans who get to know many of you. One thing I found is most of you have times where you are freindly and sociable. And, there are times when you are serious and concentrated on just playing the game. This can make you seem like you are ignoring everything and everyone else. Few of you have the personality where no matter what the situation, you make us feel like you are on of our sincerest friends. You’re definitely one of those guys!

    The one thing I have said and heard from almost everyone over the last few days is that they ‘wish you you get back real soon because you are such a nice guy’.

  9. 4/13 Links | Baseball Bloggers Alliance Says:

    […] again. The former first round draft pick, now 30, is just glad to be pitching. Christian Garcia says thank you to the […]

  10. yanksince57 - JESUS H MONTERO! Says:


  11. Bill Porter Says:

    Stay strong young man. See you when you get back.

  12. Rich in NJ Says:

    He’ll be in the Yankees’ pen sometime next season.

  13. Sean Serritella Says:

    That’s great Christian. Good luck with your career!

  14. kinglear Says:

    Thanks for the note, and keep the faith, Christian! We continue to pull for you and expect to see your nasty stuff handcuffing batters next season! Hang in there!

  15. goodluckgarcia Says:

    All the best, Christian.

    Feel the love – it can heal you!

  16. Garcia Fan Says:


    Your #1 FAN!

  17. Kevin M. Says:

    Get well soon Christian. If you don’t give up on yourself than neither will we. You have the talent to be an all star major league pitcher…..don’t stop fighting for dream.

  18. Tags Says:


    I wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing you back on the field. Stay positive there’s a lot of us out here pulling for you. You have so much talent I want to see you suceed all the way to the Yankee rotation!

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