Game 14: Pre-Game Notes

6:05 PM — Not a whole lot going on here today…here are the starting lineups…


Kalish, LF
Lin, CF
Spears, 2B
Exposito, C
Anderson, 1B
R. Chang, 3B
Iglesias, SS
Chiang, DH
Place, DH

Portice, P


Krum, CF
Adams, 2B
Romine, C
Laird, 3B
Sublett, LF
Gorecki, RF
Smith, 1B
Brewer, DH
Nunez, SS

Pendleton, P

3:30 PM — Feels like a while since I’ve been here, but I’m back at Waterfront Park. And, thanks to my lovely readers, I’m sporting the “Olli-stache.” Thank you?

There’s a chance of rain during BP…but it shouldn’t affect the game, which starts at 7 PM.

Anyway, haven’t heard too much in the way of news just yet. I’ll keep you guys updated. And remember, this is a Trentonian game for me…so I won’t be updating during the game.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

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