Game 19: Pre-Game Notes

6:30 PM — Spoke to Alan Horne for about 20 minutes today…stay tuned for that and the Austin Romine answers while the team is on the road.

5:50 PM — Here’s what Grant Duff had to say about the Habitat For Humanity event…

“We showed up there and went through orientation, they basically told us what the whole Habitat For Humanity organization is,” Duff said.

“I have a construction background as it is, so that’s why I decided to do it.  There was one guy who basically ran the whole job as a project manager, he asked if anyone had experience, and me and Wordekemper both had, so they put us in charge of a project and we kind of ran with it.”

Duff was in charge of framing boxes to put lattice up on one of the porches, but as he said, this is nothing new to him.  Duff’s father builds custom homes, and for six days a week and eight to ten hours a day in the off-season, Duff helps him out.

5:45 PM — Damon Sublett underwent thumb surgery yesterday and is out indefinitely, according to Tony Franklin.  Hearing he’s likely out for the year…was surgery to repair a torn ligament.

5:05 PM — Some of the Trenton Thunder players helped build a house today for Habitat For Humanity…here are a few pictures provided by the team.

Grant Duff

Justin Snyder and D.J. Mitchell

Eric Wordekemper

3:25 PM — Lineups are in, kids…


Mastroianni, CF
Crabbe, 2B
Cooper, 1B
Emaus, 3B
Thames, LF
Bowman, DH
Loewen, RF
Diaz, SS
Jeroloman, C

Bell, P


Krum, CF
Brewer, DH
Adams, 2B
Romine, C
Laird, 3B
Gorecki, LF
Smith, 1B
Gonzalez, RF
Nunez, SS

Pendleton, P

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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    […] of the season with a thumb injury. The team seems to be underachieving so far. Trenton did some nice Habitat for Humanity work. Trenton is under .500 for the first time this […]

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