De La Rosa Comments On B12 Allegations

“I have never done that and doing that has never entered my mind. I don’t know why anyone would make that comment. I was surprised because I don’t even think about anything like that. They called me into the office (Friday in Harrisburg) and told me. I thought it was about something else … not even close to something like that. I have never done that.”

“I try and stay away from all of that stuff (supplements) because I don’t know a lot about it. I am not interested in any of that stuff. I did not talk to him (Nova). He’s in the big leagues and I have no interest in talking about it because it isn’t true. We don’t need to talk about it because we didn’t do anything. I was mad because we have a lot of work to do with baseball right now and when people make that comment, no matter what, it is on my mind. I worked hard my whole career only to have someone say that.’’

Asked if contacted by MLB investigators: “No.’’

“I have no idea where (the leak) came from. That kind of comment – you have it with you for life. This is the last time I am going to talk about it because I didn’t do anything wrong so there is no need to talk about it.”


One Response to “De La Rosa Comments On B12 Allegations”

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