Game 135: Post-Game Notes

— Basically, I’m just emptying out my recorder.  I watched about five at-bats during that game — rehabs are pretty hectic for work purposes — and they were obviously all Berkman’s.  So really, Adam Warren could have been throwing watermelons instead of baseballs out there, and it’s entirely possible I may not have noticed.

I am told, however, he threw the small white orb quite well tonight.  I’ll let Tony Franklin tell you as well…

“He was very good, he’s given us a chance to win each time he’s gone out there lately,” Franklin said.

“I like the kid’s demeanor on the mound, he’s very business-like.  He’s got a very good fastball when he’s commanding it to both sides of the plate.  He’s really good, he did a nice job.  He got a couple strikeouts with his breaking ball.  That’s a work in progress, but I think it’ll get better.  But he’s very good, he does a nice job.”

Warren went 5 2/3 innings and allowed one run on seven hits, but issued no walks and struck out six.

— Now, let me empty my mind a bit.  Say what you want about whether you believe Wilkin De La Rosa or not on the B12 issue, but respect him for manning up and talking about it.  He could have hid in the training room, issued a “no comment” through a team spokesman and that would be that.  But he knew he had to address the issue, and did in about a five minute session about an hour and a half before the game.

He, as you saw in the quotes, adamantly denied any wrongdoing and didn’t know why his name was involved in any of this.  He said he had not spoken with Ivan Nova about it, and also that it would be his last time speaking about it.

— Lance Berkman.  Wow.  What a great guy.  It seemed like we could have chatted with him all day.  Josh Norris, John Nalbone, Ken Mandel and myself spent about 15 minutes with him in the Thunder clubhouse, and he couldn’t have been more engaging or more honest about a very, very wide variety of topics.  If you haven’t read those quotes I posted earlier, do yourself a favor and check it out.

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