Pettitte In Trenton Wednesday

The text this morning from Chad Jennings said it all: “You’ve got Pettitte Wednesday.”  

According to Jennings, Pettitte threw a light 20 pitch bullpen today and things went well.  He’s expected to throw four innings or 65 pitches at Waterfront Park during Game 1 of the Eastern League Division Series against New Hampshire.  Thing is, if the Thunder advance, Pettitte might stay with them.

 “If he gets to 65 (in the rehab start), then the area of concern the next time is 65 to 80,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. “So if he’s at 75, then you know he should be fine all the way up to 75, and then you start to get a little bit worried if he gets fatigued (beyond 75 pitches).”

As for now, however, Pettitte is scheduled to make just the one start with the Thunder.  Tickets are available at

Don’t miss Kevin Gray’s article in which he gets some reaction from the Fisher Cats on the possibility of facing Pettitte…

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