Warren “Makes Adjustment” To Bullpen Role

You would think the staff ace would get a start during the postseason.  But when Andy Pettitte needs a place to get some innings in, plans can change quickly.

But Adam Warren took his one-game shift to the bullpen in stride, telling reporters before Game 1 that he’d simply have to make an adjustment to his temporary new role.

"It’s just one of those things that happens," he said.

"We heard a rumor that Pettitte could come and make a start, and we knew one of us was probably going to get bumped.  It was my turn, so that’s just the way it works out.  I’ve just got to stay mentally ready in the fourth or fifth inning, and I’ll be ready to go."

The numbers certainly warrant a start.  Between High-A Tampa and Trenton this season, the affable 23-year-old righty is 11-7 with a 2.59 ERA in 25 starts.  With the Thunder alone, he’s posted a 4-2 mark and 3.15 ERA in ten starts, and set the franchise’s new single-game record with 15 strikeouts.

"Obviously, I’d like to start, but when a guy like Andy Pettitte comes, you can’t really be mad," he said.

"For me, I just have to be ready to pitch and finish the game out.  It’s going to be a new process for me.  I’m going to try to keep everything the same though.  I’ll have to make a few adjustments, but I don’t think it’s going to affect me negatively."

According to Thunder manager Tony Franklin, Warren handled the news of being bumped for Pettitte well.

"I think Adam understands the situation," he said.

"If anyone else was in the same situation, I think they understand that the priority is to get the Major League pitchers back to pitching.  We happen to be home, so he’s got a place to pitch.  That’s the way it is."

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com

2 Responses to “Warren “Makes Adjustment” To Bullpen Role”

  1. Will Says:

    Mike, depending on the way the offseason shakes out in the big club, do you see Warren starting with Trenton or SWB next season? Does he have a lot to work on at the Double-A level?

  2. thunderbaseball Says:

    He’s probably borderline for where he starts next season…could see him starting in Triple-A, but could see him at the top of the rotation back here in 2011 as well.

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