Andy Pettitte Press Conference Quotes

Here it is, kids…the entire list of Andy Pettitte quotes from his in-game press conference.  Go nuts.


“I felt good.  It felt good to get back on the mound, you know.  It was a step in the right direction, I didn’t have any problems.  I threw 51 pitches in the four innings, then went down and threw 14 more in the bullpen to get to the 65 that we wanted to get to.  So, it was a good step in the right direction to be able to do it in a game and have a little bit of intensity.  I felt like I was striding out pretty good.  I think I was getting out there normal.  The first inning, I was a little short, and then I loosened up I think and started feeling comfortable with getting out there.  All in all, it was good.”

“It was great (working with Romine).  My spring training, I think I had just a couple starts because of the weather.  Everyone bailed on me when we had another rainout, I think it was my last game in spring training.  Austin caught like 85 pitches of mine in the bullpen.  We did a simulated game in the tunnel, so he had a pretty good idea of what I like to do and how I like to pitch and some of my sequences, I think.  But he’s great.  He was in spring training with me, so he caught me there, so it worked out good.”

“I know “Stick” was here, Gene Michael, and I’ll probably try to get his opinion on what he thought.  I felt OK, I feel like.  I feel like my stuff will be better each time I get out.  I haven’t had any work in two months.  But all in all, I felt pretty good with my mechanics and my command, and that’s just something where I’m going to have to get back up there.  I’m going to meet the team in Arlington and sit down with Dave Eiland and Joe and our trainers and try to figure out if we’re going to do one more of these or if we’re going to go ahead and go.  It’s something where I’m going to have to be realistic with them and truthful with them and let them know how I was feeling.  We’ll sit down and talk about it.”

“To tell you the truth, usually it would be a little bit different in a rehab start where I would just kind of…I talked to Austin before the game, wanting to know how to pitch some of these guys because I knew it was a playoff game for these guys.  I didn’t want to blow it and make a mistake to somebody who might be strong inside or something like that.  I kind of took it serious, you know.  I didn’t know how sharp I was going to be, but I was pretty happy with being able to throw my curveball for strikes and being able to throw my offspeed stuff for strikes when I wanted to and be able to locate some fastballs down and away when I was behind in the count; all the stuff I’ll have to do to big league hitters to get them guys out.  I wasn’t real happy with my changeup; I threw a couple bad ones, I tugged ’em and had a wild pitch on one, I think.  The changeup is always a tough one for me.  That’s just me needing some repetition.  But I threw a good one on 3-1 in a count that I like to use it, on that last batter that I think I faced.  All in all, like I said, it was  a good night.”

“I felt good.  All day, I was just like, ‘Man, if they try to bunt on me, should I run over there’ or whatever covering first.  It was like don’t go hard, it’s your first time, take it easy.  I think their leadoff hitter hit one over there to first, and I hesitated a little bit and slowly went over there, but I don’t think it was going to matter.  I hardly even got towards the bag and he was already stepping on it.  I felt like I was five yards away from the bag, so I don’t think I would have got him anyway.  But, I had no problem at all.  It was good.”

“Well, I was sore after my last time in the simulated game, so I know I’m going to be sore.  I’m anxious to see what kind of soreness I’ll have, if it’ll hinder me from wanting to do my bullpen like I normally would a day from tomorrow.  I don’t think so.  Trainers have considered me a healthy player now, and this is soreness I’m going to have to get through.  I’ll probably just try to go through it, whatever soreness I’ve got.”

“(On the second wild pitch) I just tugged a sinker.  There was a two seamer that I tugged also, that kind of cut on me instead of running away from a righty.”

“I felt good (in the fourth), I wanted to try to push a little bit harder in that last inning because I was feeling pretty strong.  Other than the last batter — I tugged a couple of changeups, so I was a little frustrated with that — but I came back, like I said, and threw a good one 3-1 and was able to make a good pitch there, that last pitch to him.  It was good, I was real happy with being able to keep the ball down when I wanted to.  I was able to elevate a couple times when I wanted to.  So all in all, it was pretty good.”

“A lot of these guys I’ve seen in spring training, but as far as (giving them advice), I was just signing autographs for them and then it was time to get ready for the game by the time I got here.  Most of the guys, though, I recognized from spring training.  I’d seen a lot of them.”

“I’m not exactly sure (on how many big league starts he’d need).  We looked at the calendar, and if I make my next start, it’s only going to be four.  It’s not that perfect of a world right now.  So as soon as I can get back there and face big league hitters and get going, that would be ideal for me.  Whatever it is, whatever they decide to do with me, however they want me to approach this, it’s going to be good enough.  We’ll go and hopefully shoot into the playoffs and figure out what we’ve got and go from there.”

“I think that when we talked about it, they’d like for me to do another start, but we don’t know what the schedule’s going to be.  There may not be a game on the night that I need to pitch.  I think we’ve got a pretty good idea of when they would definitely want me to start a game, and if that’s the case, then I’m going to need to pitch on Tuesday night.  We’ll just have to kind of see what they say.”

“They pushed me back.  I was supposed to pitch last night and they pushed me back.  And I was just like whatever.  Whatever y’all want me to do, I’ll do.  I want to get back and I want to pitch in the big leagues as soon as I can.  I want to try to help our club.  I am realistic, I realize that my stamina is nowhere near where it needs to be and I’ve got to get all that underneath me.  But I feel like I could give us a pretty decent maybe 4 or 5 innings if I had to make a big league start my next time.”

“I did a good job of blocking (age difference) out and just looking at the mitt.  That’s it.  Not worrying about who was in there.  I was just trying to use some of the sequences I like to use up there against big league hitters and stuff like that.  Other than that, I was just trying to get my mind going again.  It’s almost been two months.  I’m just trying to get my mind working again where I can see my pitches again and feel what feels good out there; my release points and just try to feel everything.”

“(My confidence is) great, because I feel like I just got through what was a pretty hard four innings.  The last inning, I felt like I was pushing off a little bit harder and trying to go a little bit harder.  That’s definitely a positive.  Then I felt like I went down there and threw 14 more in the bullpen pretty hard also.  It was good.”

“I’m not hardly doing anything at all.  They’ve got me doing some light jogging.  Since I had that setback, when I got back in my routine as far as doing my leg work and running and stuff like that, I felt like I pushed it too hard and I didn’t let this thing recover.  I’m just doing what Gene-o tells me to do, our trainer…so I’ve just been doing some light jogging each day and then just letting it rest and letting it recover.  And also lifting my upper body and doing my shoulder exercises, I’ve been doing that.  But I have not done anything with my legs, which obviously is going to hurt me right now with my stamina, but I think I’ve got enough time to get going and then start getting in a leg routine once we get going a little more later in the season.”

“There was a little bit more of a thought process.  Usually, it’s just whatever you work on if you want to locate your fastball or whatever.  I talked to Austin before the game, and he said they’d played these guys a ton, so he had a great idea of what these guys like and what they don’t like and what balls they can handle and what balls they can’t handle.  It was a little bit different of a mindset, because I wanted to try to come here…I didn’t want to lose this game for these guys.  I wanted to do exactly what I did and give them a chance to win.  It starts down here.  If you win a championship down here, these guys, I think that’s something you can continue to build off of right there.”

“I felt like a couple of my cutters weren’t real sharp that I left in the zone.  I know I threw one that was kind of flat that the guy hit on the fly ball to left.  But you don’t ever know, they could roll that over and turn that into a double play or something like that.  All in all, I was very satisfied with my command as far as where I was putting the ball.”

“You feel like a zero when you’re not contributing and you’re on the DL.  The guys are great with me.  I’ve been out so long, I’ve almost gotten used to being out, which is really strange.  But again, I had to totally change my mindset whenever I hurt myself, because I was in such a hurry to get back the first time.  I was a week ahead of schedule and this and that, and here we are right at I think seven weeks, and I’ve missed this much time.  I’ve had to take my mind out of it and just relax.  Now, I can start cranking it back up again.”

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  1. kinglear Says:

    Great job, Mike. Helluva couple of nights at Trenton, culminating with the Andy game and Warren’s great outing. Nice to see such a big crowd at Waterfront! The turn out for Betances in Game 1 was pitiful.

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