Championship Series Starting Rotation

The Trentonian’s Josh Norris attended the team’s rain-soaked workout this morning — I have the weekend off — and reports that the starting rotation will vary based on what happens with Andy Pettitte.

Scenario 1

Game 1: Andy Pettitte (backed up by Andrew Brackman if Pettitte leaves before 5 full innings)
Game 2: Dellin Betances
Game 3: Adam Warren
Game 4: Manny Banuelos
Game 5: Cory Arbiso

Scenario 2

Game 1: Andy Pettitte
Game 2: Andrew Brackman
Game 3: Dellin Betances
game 4: Adam Warren
Game 5: Manny Banuelos

I think regardless of what Pettitte does that you go with the second scenario…Arbiso makes a great long man.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

3 Responses to “Championship Series Starting Rotation”

  1. thunderfangabe Says:

    i like scenario # 2 as well

  2. Jen Says:

    I do too. I just hate seeing Warren lasting until Game 4 with all those days off and the possibility of not even pitching.

  3. mbn007 Says:

    That rotation is just about the best in the business in the upper levels of the Minors – and i mean without Petitte.

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