ELCS Game 2: Post-Game Quotes

I might throw up a few notes afterwards, but here’s what Dellin Betances and Tony Franklin had to say after tonight’s 6-4 loss…


“I was falling behind too many guys.  I was down 2-0, and the next thing you know, I walked three leadoff guys.  I had too many walks.  I don’t know, my stuff just wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be.”

“I was just opening up too much, but it’s no excuse.  I just wanted to have a good game.  I wish I could have given the team a chance to win.  I just fell behind too many guys.  Too many walks.  There was a wild pitch.  I hurt myself.  It was just a bad game overall.”

“I don’t know what’s going on right now (with my fielding).  I’m going to go to instructs to work on some stuff.  I need to make those plays, and that’s probably one of the reasons that we lost this game.”

“It’s just a thing now (the fielding).  I don’t know why I’m not throwing good to bases.  But I’ve got to fix it.  I’m going to go to instructs and work hard on that.”

“My changeup’s been working all year.  Today, I felt like my changeup was (expletive deleted).  I just felt like I walked too many guys.  At these levels, you can’t fall behind too many guys.  If you throw fastballs, they’re going to attack it.  That’s what happened, I gave up two home runs.  That’s a thing I have to take on next year.”

“Both (home runs) were on fastballs that caught too much of the plate.  I fell behind on the first guy, and it caught to much of the plate.  Second guy, I fell behind and gave him a fastball, and that’s what guys do on this level.  It was just a bad game overall.  I didn’t have my changeup…I just couldn’t get it for a strike, so they were laying off of it.”

“I felt like being healthy is key.  I stayed healthy throughout the year and I feel good.  This was just one of those days.  I wish I could have got a win for the team, but we’ve got Warren and Banuelos, so hopefully we’ll end it in four.”


“He had some trouble throwing to the base, that’s about it.  The one bad inning, it hurt him.  It hurt us.  Other than that, we were pretty good.  We tried to bounce back offensively and did a great job after that; pitching and getting ourselves out of some jams.  But yeah, it was that one bad inning.  It was an errant throw that did it.  You look back at that, you say that’s the ballgame right there.”

“We are a PFP practicing team and organization, and we think it’s a major part of the game for the pitchers.  If we executed it…which we have done pretty much all year, we’ve been in good shape with that, but we didn’t do it tonight.”

“Everyone needs to get better at PFP.  There are some guys that field their position extremely well; D.J. Mitchell comes to mind.  You’ve really got to lock in some things.  Get your feet set, make some throws, and understand how quick you have to be to make those plays.  They’re not easy plays to make, but they’re important plays to make, and if you don’t, the outcome of the game is generally changed.”

“He needs to be better, I will acknowledge that.  If you make a couple of errant throws, balls that get away…you’ve got to be better at that.”

“We got a win here.  We had an opportunity for two, we just didn’t pull it off here.  We didn’t play well enough to get the second one.  But we’ve got a three-game series at home, at our place.  I feel OK about that.”

“Two home runs gets us back in it, I was starting to feel pretty good about it.  But it’s a testament to the guys in there.  They don’t quit, they battle.  We did it tonight, but we just fell short.  When Hankins came in, I gave no thought to the fact that we may have been hitting him well all year.  But as it turns out, we did and we continued to do so.  Sometimes, you have success against a particular pitcher or pitchers and it works out in your favor.  We did a decent enough job to get back in it.”

“Absolutely, it’s pretty much a no-brainer (that you have to get to the Curve before Moskos comes in).  Moskos is tough.  He’s not going to give you a heck of a lot to hit, and he didn’t tonight.  I’ve always said there’s no surprises, you know what you’re going to get, and it’s going to be pretty good from Moskos.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com

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