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2010 ALDS: Game 3

October 9, 2010

7:45 PM — Regardless of what happens, Phil Hughes is my story tonight.  Four years ago, you may remember he struck out 13 Portland Sea Dogs in the 2006 Eastern League Playoffs.  Fast forward to 2010, and here is getting the ball in Game 3 of the ALDS.

How he pitches…well, that’s where the meat of the story comes in.  I’m sure you’re all just as curious as I am to see how it unfolds. 

5:10 PM — Here are today’s lineups…

New York

Derek Jeter, SS
Nick Swisher, RF
Mark Teixeira, 1B
Alex Rodriguez, 3B
Robinson Cano, 2B
Marcus Thames, DH
Jorge Posada, C
Curtis Granderson, CF
Brett Gardner, LF

Phil Hughes, P


Denard Span, CF
Orlando Hudson, 2B
Joe Mauer, C
Jason Kubel, RF
Delmon Young, LF
Jim Thome, DH
Michael Cuddyer, 1B
Danny Valencia, 3B
J.J. Hardy, SS

Brian Duensing, P

5:00 PM — I’ll be updating this throughout the day.  Stay tuned…

4:50 PM — I’ve arrived safely at Yankee Stadium and am at my seat for Game 3 of the ALDS.  I know I got to do this last year, but it’s hard to believe every time I think it or type it…

In any event, the Yankees have provided a transcript of Joe Girardi’s comments in the interview room…I arrived a little too late to make it for that.  I will try to be there for Ron Gardenhire’s comments.  The Yankees have also been gracious enough to provide me with post-game clubhouse access, so I will gladly pass along player comments when I can.  Nobody — the beat guys, me, nobody — gets pre-game clubhouse access.

Before I get to Girardi’s comments, let me pass along these notes from Chad Jennings on tonight’s starter, Phil Hughes, and his changeup.

Anyway, here’s what Girardi said that I found interesting…

(On expanding the ALDS to seven games…)

“Really haven’t thought a lot about it.  It would prolong the season a little bit longer.  It would make it more interesting.  I think there would be — it would be a different feel to the first round.  I think clubs talk about the nervousness in the first round because it’s such a short series.  I guess I really don’t have a true feeling either way.  I wouldn’t be opposed to it, though.”

I’ve got to say I’d be in favor of expanding the ALDS to seven games.  In theory, you might have to start the regular season a day or two earlier so as not to prolong things any longer than need be, but seven games provides a more fair competition between two teams than five does if you ask me.  What do you think?

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