Cusick Dealt To Indians

Multiple outlets are reporting that Trenton Thunder infielder Matt Cusick — along with pitcher Andy Shive — have been dealt to the Cleveland Indians to complete the deal that netted the Yankees reliever Kerry Wood.

Originally acquired by the Yankees midway through the 2008 season in the LaTroy Hawkins deal, the 24-year-old middle infielder has spent parts of the last two seasons in Trenton.

Last season, he split time between High-A Tampa and Trenton, hitting .240 with no home runs and nine RBI in 28 games at the latter stop.  This year, he started the season in Triple-A Scranton before being sent down to Trenton for the remainder of the year.  In 59 games at Double-A, he hit .234 with three home runs and 26 RBI.

His season ended precisely when the Thunder year did, as it was his strikeout at the hands of Daniel Moskos that set off a raucous on-field celebration by the Altoona Curve in Game 4 of the Eastern League Championship Series.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


5 Responses to “Cusick Dealt To Indians”

  1. mbn007 Says:

    Still a solid mid-season trade by Cashman. Shive and Cusick have no future in NY, and Wood did contribute here, short it was though.

    Good to see you posting these days. Hope you keep it up during the off-season, especially with player movement (Rule 5, maybe some trades) that will happen during the winter, and effect Yankees prospects.

  2. Art Vandelay Says:

    Hey Mike, how about some news…Donnie Collins and Chad Jennings are kicking your butt with all their Rule 5 speculation. The Trenton Devils can’t be that interesting!!!!

  3. tdevils Says:

    Taking a break from baseball for now…I’ll be back once I’m back from vacation out here in California late in November unless something big happens.

  4. kinglear Says:

    Hey Art,

    Get a clue. Those guys are covering a MLB team, and can write off their phonebills, get flown here and there, and are paid year round. I don’t know Mike’s exact situation, but I assure you, he goes above and beyond what his employer provides to bring us news. Since I covered pro football, hockey and was a editor on the baseball desk at a dying wire service (I went to the WS on my down dime on that one), I know a little bit about it. And that was before this recession and the internet nearly have killed cetain news outlets.

    I was wondering, Mike, if you knew anything about Chris Garcia’s progress, if there is any. His name came up elsewhere, and I figured you are the guy for this.

    Thank you,

    An unabashed, shamelessly besotted Garcia fan.

  5. kinglear Says:

    Sorry, my mistake on Collins. Not covering a MLB team, so i need to get a clue, too. LOL.

    Although covering AAA is cushier, all the same.

    I have to add here, when working for the “other” paper in Washington DC about a thousand years ago, they wanted me to rent a car and drive to North Carolina for a feature on a Redskins rookie QB. They’d pay, but they told me I couldn’t fly.

    I said: fly me or I don’t go. They flew me, but with great reluctance. These guys will bleed ‘ya at the smaller papers, even when covering the pros. So imagine what it’s like covering AA. Anything we get is gravy and deserves applause to the dedicated reporters that go the extra mile to bring it to us.

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