Media Day Tomorrow

The Trenton Devils season is over. The Trenton Steel…well, let’s not talk about what happened to me in the penalty box on Sunday.

But the Trenton Thunder…ah yes, they’re back.

Media Day is tomorrow, and it’s your first look at the 2011 team. The official roster should be released between now and then, and I’ll be sure to talk to all the key components on this year’s team and pass that along to you. If anyone has anyone specific they want to hear from, be sure to post that in the comments…or find me on Twitter at Mashmore98


3 Responses to “Media Day Tomorrow”

  1. Allen Says:

    Would like to get some info and some perspective on Alan Horne. Where he thinks his career is headed and his goals for the season.

  2. thunderbaseball Says:

    I’d love to do that. I would. Unfortunately, he won’t be joining us for the time being.

  3. kinglear Says:

    Would love any info on Betances and where he feels his mechanics are right now compared to end of last year when he was totally in sync. Thanks, Mike!

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