Thunder Numerical Roster


30 Arbiso, Cory
15 Arias, Wilkins
13 Banuelos, Manny
50 Betances, Dellin
34 Garrison, Steve
19 Hall, Shaeffer
29 Hernandez, Fernando
31 Heyer, Craig
26 Igawa, Kei
45 Norton, Tim
23 Okamoto, Naoya
NONE Stoneburner, Graham
27 Venditte, Pat


NONE Leslie, Myron
32 McCoy, Nick
16 Romine, Austin


2 Joseph, Corban
38 Maruszak, Addison
11 Mujica, Yadil
21 Pirela, Jose
36 Suttle, Brad


44 Johnson, Cody
24 Krum, Austin
6 Kruml, Ray
25 Mesa, Melky
7 Rye, Jack
20 Sublett, Damon

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


7 Responses to “Thunder Numerical Roster”

  1. Art Vandelay Says:

    Hey Mike…glad to see you are back…I spent all winter looking for your picture on milk cartons in supermarkets. You were MIA from October till yesterday…someone said you were spotted doing a Howard Eskin impression on the sidelines of the Trenton Steel football game…and someone else said you were driving the zamboni at a Trenton Devils game. Looking forward to your reports this season.

  2. Ashmore Says:

    Thanks, Art. So great to hear from you. Covering four teams isn’t the easiest thing in the world, you should definitely give it a whirl sometime. Hope the in-season coverage makes up for the lack of off-season stuff…sorry you had to find hard-hitting off-season stuff like “according to a source, Banuelos is good” elsewhere.

  3. Steven Says:

    Did Romine seem like he was annoyed about being back in Trenton and not in Scranton or with the Yanks.

  4. Ashmore Says:

    Did not speak to Romine. Plenty of time for that…from those who did speak to Romine, I’m told he had a positive attitude about his return.

  5. Dave S. Staten Island Says:

    Mike, nice update you haven’t missed a beat.. Romine was real upbeat at the FanFest yesterday. Melky said he was freezing and Dellin was cool and stood until the end. I have to give most of the players a lot of credit, the players were supposed to stop signing at 6:30. I was on the back of the line at 5:00 and didn’t make it to the tables until 7pm. While I was half way through the line someone for the Thunder staff asked the players if they wanted to leave and Romine amoungst others said they will stay until the end. I as a fan appreciated that and I would have been upset after waiting 2 hrs on line but I also understand that they have other things to do also. It was just another well run event by the Thunder and the players were awesome !!!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      I remember there was a similar situation last year with the signing going later than scheduled.

      Did all of the players stay until the line was done this year?

  6. Dave S. Staten Island Says:

    When I made it to the line all the coaches were gone. Also Krum was gone and I didn’t see Venditte. Players were great to stay late for us.

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