Game 7: Pre-Game Notes

7:07 PM — A photo of Shaeffer Hall…PLENTY more coming after the game, I flat out don’t have time to crop and upload them all.

7:05 PM — Some video…

6:00 PM — Where to even begin?  Kevin Millwood will be assigned to the Thunder on Sunday.  As he is not on the active Major League roster, a spot will need to be created for him.  No word on pitch limits or anything just yet.  No one specific backing him up, either.

Manny Banuelos addressed reporters in regards to his blister issues, as did Tony Franklin and Tommy Phelps.  Nothing really earthshattering from any of them.  Banuelos’ blister is on the back to side of his left thumb, below the fingernail.  Lots of exposed skin…it’s pretty gruesome looking.  He’ll start playing catch tomorrow.

Betances’ blister is on his right pointer finger, his return time is still to be determined.

As far as the issue with the seams on big league baseballs being different than minor league baseballs, Banuelos said he didn’t think that played a role.

“Those must be hard on the finger baseballs,” joked Franklin.

“We’ve had a couple of issues with fingers, but it’s this time of year and the weather.  It’s to be expected.  With it happening to both of them right now, it’s kind of unusual.”

Banuelos spent about five minutes outside the clubhouse speaking to reporters about the blister issue, which he told me he’s never experienced before.  He said the issue first arose with the Yankees intersquad game, which was the start he made before his season opener in Portland

“I felt it when I started to warm up before the game, I felt pretty sore,” Banuelos said.

“I didn’t tell (anyone) nothing.  Just after the game, I show it to the trainer and he was surprised.  I didn’t show him before the game.  It was hard (to pitch with), especially my fastball.” 

Franklin also wasn’t too concerned about his team’s slow start…

“How many more games are there this season?  There’s no reason to panic being 2-4 right now.  I get a little bit concerned over the two pitchers we lost, because they have pretty good futures ahead of them and they need to be pitching.  I’m not that concerned about (the start) right now.”

5:00 PM — Star-Ledger beat man Marc Carig says on Twitter that Brian Cashman attributes the blister issues for Banuelos and Betances to seams on big league baseballs being different than the minor league baseballs they were using in their first starts.

4:55 PM — Banuelos and Betances each made one start this season.  Banuelos went four innings and allowed four hits while walking one and striking out one.  He did not allow a run.  Betances went four and two thirds, and gave up four runs (one earned) on five hits and two walks.

Blows my mind that the team’s two top prospects both are on the DL before they even throw a pitch at home…and for the same reason!  Really unbelievable to me.

4:35 PM — The Thunder will soon make it official, but LHP Manny Banuelos will also be placed on the DL with what is also believed to be a blister issue. Damon Sublett will come off the DL to take his roster spot.

4:30 PM — Harrisburg Lineup…

Johnson, SS
Gilbert, RF
Lomardozzi, 2B
Ivany, C
Valdez, LF
Moore, DH
Rhinehart, 1B
Fox, 3B
Tucker, CF

Davis, P

4:20 PM — Pictures!  Of baseball players!

3:20 PM — Craig Heyer is listed as Saturday’s starter.  TBA is listed for Sunday, but it’ll be Manny Banuelos unless he and Betances start sharing hand care tips.

3:15 PM — Lineup is in…

Krum, LF CF
Pirela, SS
Romine, C
Suttle, 3B
Johnson, DH
Mesa, CF
Joseph, 2B
Maruszak, 1B
Kruml, RF

Hall, P

2:45 PM — Outside of the previously reported Dellin Betances news, there’s not a whole lot going on other than what you’d expect here at Waterfront Park.  A little more than four hours before game time, and Thunder manager Tony Franklin is working with infielders at the shortstop position and pitchers are getting in some side work with Tommy Phelps in the bullpen.  It’s back.  Baseball’s back.  Enjoy the season, kids.

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