Updates From Today: Pendleton Called Up, Okamoto, Etc.

— I write this from the Trenton Steel press box, where my day started and will likely end.  In the middle, though?  I made the trek through downtown Trenton over to Waterfront Park after finding out that Kevin Millwood would be in the clubhouse…you can find that interview on top of this post.

— I did speak to Tony Franklin as well…here are a few quotes from him:

Plans for Millwood on Sunday — “He’s pitching, he’s starting on Sunday.  That’s the reason he’s here.  It just kind of worked out that Betances and Banuelos are on the DL, and he was ready to pitch.  I think things kind of worked out for everyone.”

Thoughts on Pendleton’s Promotion — “Good for him, I’m very happy for him.  As I said yesterday (re: Noesi), I thought either one of those guys could have gone up.  I like all of them.  They pitched very well here.  Of course, I’m a little biased, but I’m very pleased that they’re getting an opportunity.  But he’ s a guy who was Rule 5’d this spring…so he’s on the upswing.”

On Okamoto not handing the ball to him right away yesterday — “(I said) come back, give me the ball.  (Laughs).  There was probably some frustration there, but I think we’re all probably a little frustrated with the way things have gone.  He made a pitch to get out of the inning and he didn’t get the out, and maybe a little bit of the air was let out at that time.  It’s kind of hard sometimes to maintain your intensity after a play like that is missed.  There was no disrespect on his part once he was leaving the mound with the ball.  I did speak with his interpreter, Subaru, about maybe the customs of the Japanese pitchers once they’re being taken out of the game.  I have no knowledge of what they do.  I know the first time I went to take him out, I asked for the ball, and he gave me the ball and he just waited there.  It was OK for him to go, but he didn’t.  So after the game, I asked Subaru what were the customs, and he said it was fine what I did, he was just waiting for the new pitcher to come in, and then he could leave.”

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